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Dammit, Blizzard has us playing that game again. Oh no, not Overwatch, don't be silly. The game that Blizzard has us playing is a much simpler one, and it's called "the waiting game".

Blizzard posted a brand new cryptic teaser to their social media pages, hinting at a reveal of new content on April 11th for the immensely popular , truly spoiling fans of the the game after the recent release of the new tank hero 'Orisa'.

They tweeted out this short video:

The video refers to an event occurring seven years ago in the Overwatch universe, known as the "King's Row Uprising". The files listed in the video are classed as confidential currently, and now fans are left with the agonizing wait until April 11th when those files are 'declassified', so to speak, and we get to see the truth behind this teaser.

But what fresh content could be coming to our consoles and PCs on April 11th?

More Skins, More Story, And A Brand New Game Mode?

A recent interview between Jeff Kaplan and PCGamesN shed some light on what we can expect from the new content, and his hints were very interesting indeed.

Regarding the teaser, Kaplan had this to say:

We’ve heard the call that a lot of players want a non-real-world-tied event, meaning they want some sort of set event in the Overwatch world. The event is going to be something - when players see the event and play the event, I think they’ll see that we’ve been listening to their feedback.

So straight away, we know that there will be some sort of playable event, most likely based on the King's Row map. The event may be similar to the seasonal game types we've seen in the past, such as the immensely popular "Junkenstein's Revenge" mode seen during Halloween!

Junkenstein's Revenge had players fight against NPC omnics, could the new mode be the same?
Junkenstein's Revenge had players fight against NPC omnics, could the new mode be the same?

Kaplan went on to say:

We’ve been hearing a lot of desire for more story, people want to know more about the story of Overwatch, they want to know more about the past of Overwatch. I think they want to know more about what’s going on between omnics and humans in this world and how did we get there. I think a lot of that will be answered for them.

Now this is possibly the most important hint of all. In the history of the game, the "Omnic Crisis" (a war between robots and humans) led to the formation of "Overwatch", an elite team tasked with destroying the omnics. We get to see a glimpse of the Omnic Crisis in Bastion's animated short, "The Last Bastion", which depicts a hellish battle between the omnics and humans.

Seriously, a whole army of Bastion units?! One Bastion is overpowered on its own!

The news that Blizzard wants to expand on the rich lore of Overwatch is very exciting for fans of the game, who have been desperate for more information on the game's history. Who knew history could be so fun?

Finally, Kaplan finished his interview with a hint about a possible new skin on the way "very soon":

I think Widowmaker players who have wanted a skin might be very happy very soon

So, everyone's favorite one-hit wonder, Widowmaker, will also be receiving a skin, much to the delight of Widowmaker players who have been let down by the lackluster skins available for the infamous femme fatale!

Time To Suit Up!

A more subtle hint in the teaser is that a number heroes may also be receiving a new skin soon, or may at least appear in some way in the new content drop. A number of symbols in the top left corner of the teaser show various hero's abilities. Some are hard to make out, but the ones that are obvious are Lucio, Bastion, Hanzo, and Reinhardt. This makes sense, particularly with Reinhardt and Bastion, who fought on opposite sides of the Omnic Crisis in "The Last Bastion" animated short.

One thing also made apparent from the teaser is that Tracer will be receiving a new skin. This is made quite obvious, as a faded image of Tracer in what appears to be a new outfit rotates in the background of the new content teaser.

This also makes sense, especially after taking Kaplan's widowmaker skin tease into account, and as both Tracer and Widowmaker fought in King's Row in the animated short "Alive". To further back up these hints, that animated short in particular deals with the aftermath of the tension between omnics and humans, and shows an omnic making a speech about unifying both groups. This links in to the "King's Row Uprising" title, possibly meaning that players will get to try a mode which explores the events leading up to this animated short.

The Guessing Game

As with all Overwatch teasers, the truth behind the mystery is anyone's guess. Blizzard does a great job of keeping secrets, and as infuriating as it can be at times, fans' patience usually pays off with a brilliant reward in the end. Nobody knows exactly what they're looking at with this teaser, but that's the brilliance of it, it keeps fans on the edge of their seats!

The best guess, after adding up the clues, scanning the teaser clip, and reading interviews with Jeff Kaplan, is that April 11th will bring about a new game mode, more skins, and a deeper look into the history of Overwatch. Now if that isn't worth the wait, then I don't know what is!

Spotted any more clues in the teaser? Let us know in the comments below!

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