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According to a recent job ad posted by Entertainment, the makers of , and are looking for talent to work on a secret new first person game. Because of their reputation for developing high-quality games that go on to become genre-defining classics, Blizzard's new project is naturally generating a lot of excitement. Here's what we know so far:

  • It will be first-person.
  • They're building a new engine for it.
  • It's going to be 'visually stunning'.

Blizzard's Next Project

Seems clear that a new engine needs to be built
Seems clear that a new engine needs to be built

Blizzard's site is currently posting a job ad for a lead software engineer with the express purpose of leading a team and building "a robust first-person engine for an unannounced project".

Blizzard already has a killer FPS property in Overwatch, so there's been some speculation that this could simply be for more Overwatch content. but the emphasis on building an engine and using 'upcoming hardware' suggests that this is going to be a whole new franchise. Of course it has ambitions to be a AAA title, with the latest tech and high-end graphics, but what else can we speculate about it, given Blizzard's history?

That 'WoW' Factor

Feast your eyes on that slick action and stylish character design with standout colors. The above trailer reveals a lot about what makes Blizzard games just so damn good. Blizzard made their mark on the industry not by being original and inventing new genres, but by taking existing models and applying their signature Blizzard shine, fine-tuning the gameplay to produce some of the best PC games out there right now.

Blizzard has earned a reputation for producing some of the most stunning CG trailers ever, this Overwatch cinematic being just one example:

Back in the day, evolved from an idea ripped straight from Games Workshop's franchise into its own distinct world with thousands of hard-core fans who eagerly await every new WoW expansion years after the original MMORPG release.

WoW itself was Everquest improved and refined into pure addictive MMO crack. StarCraft wasn't the first RTS to feature factions with distinct abilities and aesthetics, but it got the balance so right that the original game is still a hugely popular eSport, only recently having been supplanted in popularity by the sequel. Likewise, Blizzard's latest masterpiece, Overwatch, is their slick, stylish take on arena shooters like Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament.

Overwatch 2? Already?

Not that we'd complain if it is
Not that we'd complain if it is

Overwatch has both enthralled and inspired a lot of players. And it's not just about playing the game itself. Cosplay, fan-art and -fiction, crazy game stunts. You name it, it's happening. It's clear that this has been a big win for Blizzard, so when you hear that they're working on a new first-person game, of course a sequel comes to mind.

Still, Overwatch is pretty new, so maybe they'll tap another hit franchise like StarCraft for a new FPS, which they flirted with at some point during the cancelled prohect StarCraft: Ghost.

Perhaps a more campaign-driven affair in a new IP, something along the lines of Call of Duty, Halo or Gears of War? Gamers who have found the latest offerings in these long-running franchise's to be a little lackluster might find their fix in a new FPS that glitters with that signature Blizzard magic.


What do you want from a new Blizzard game?

Source: [Blizzard Entertainment]


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