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Blood Ancestors is a multiplayer FPV competitive game that has its sights set on e-sport fantasy gaming.

A long time has passed since they were home, many centuries have slipped by since the Blood crossed the portal for the last time; a world lost to the sands of time. But a worldly war between Light & Dark forces has unleashed planetary energies with an unfathomable power which has the world spiralling toward total obliteration.

This ill-fated world has only one glimmer of hope of salvation; retrieve the ancestral Blood Relic and feed it with the spilled blood of the world, making it flourish again.

But it won’t be easy, both the disciples of Light and the Darkness dwellers crave the power of the Relic. It's a war to end all wars.

Beware of the Blood Ancestor... they guard what it is you seek.

Our aim

Blood Ancestors will eventually allow players to choose from up to 18 classes based on archetypes (Knight, Warrior, Ranged, Rogue, Mage, Support), each archetype has three different alignments (Light, Blood & Shadow).

Archetypes will have several common skills for every class within it and each class will have its own skill set. Players will be able to choose four skills and an ultimate.

Blood Ancestors will have a unique matchmaking and rank system which will please competitive gamers. We want to give to our clients the ability to create their own custom teams and be matched with other teams similar in skill. During matchmaking players will have the option to configure their classes in order to counter the opponent's configuration. Once both teams are ready, the match will start.

We have much more to come. What do you think so far? Want to get involved? Let us know below.


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