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Kickstarter is a popular platform used to fund loads of different projects made by people all over the world. There are a variety of different tabletop games put up on Kickstarter, looking for funding to get their game made! Today, we are going to look at some of the tabletop games on Kickstarter that caught my eye!

Strawberry Ninja

is an adorable card based game that you can play alone, or co-op with friends. You are playing as a cat protecting a garden. However… inside your garden is a stealthy Strawberry Ninja! Your goal is to find this Ninja card in just 12 turns. You start by placing all of the garden cards in 3 rows of 4 cards, with a single missing card in one row. You begin your turn by placing a cat figurine in the garden, before shifting any card adjacent to a blank space into the blank space, followed by a second card into the space. The second card will then be flipped over and you can perform whatever task you is written on it.

Next, you must flip over the top card in the movement deck, have the cat move accordingly, and put the movement card face up and the bottom of the movement deck without shuffling. If you remember which move is coming up, you can strategize accordingly. As you play, you will count your moves on a move counter. On your 12th movement, you must pounce on the card the cat lands on. If this card is not the Ninja, then you lose the round.

Strawberry Ninja is a very cool looking, easy to play game that is perfect for people of all ages!

This game is over halfway to its $10,000 goal with 23 days to go on it’s Kickstarter page.

Corporate America Gilded Edition

is a very funny political board game about U.S politics. A version of this game was released back in 2013, but sold out very quickly. Now, Corporate America Gilded Edition has been updated and improved, as well as put up on Kickstarter. In this game, you are a big corporation that is trying to make lots of money. You get to influence other players, manipulate the government and the people of America, all in the name of making a profit.

You start off by giving each player an amount of money and business cards depending on how many players are taking part in the game. When it is your turn you will get to draw two more business cards, but you are also required to discard one. These businesses will give you money if you are able to consume a listed industry card. Some of them have negative or positive connotations and abilities. You will need to select the businesses you want to buy and then purchase them with your money.

The next phase of the game has you flipping over industry cards that can then be consumed by players. You can also bribe other people, and negotiate with other players to make more industries available. Sometimes you however you can draw protesters during this round. They will go to the top of the board and be left until the next phase.

The campaign trail is the next phase, where you must pitch what laws you would put in place (based on the cards drawn for this trail) if you were to become president. If you have protesters, the president will need to enact one of the corresponding laws so that the protesters go away. You must get people to donate to your campaign and end up being elected as president of the United States.

The bidding round starts next. You must bid on as many people as you want, doing whatever amount you want. There are three rounds of blind bidding, then whoever has the most money gets a secret privilege card that benefits them in the game. The president can also evoke an old law, as well as chose 3 laws.

Corporate America Gilded Edition is a super funny game that is pretty relevant to this time. It is made for ages 14 and up, and can be played with 3 to 6 players. [Corporate America Gilded Edition] is nearly halfway to its $10,000 goal, with 22 days left.

Dinosaur Island

is a very unique, quite complex, workplace management tabletop game. You are attempting to create an amusement park full of dinosaurs. To do this you have to collect DNA, research the DNA sequences and combine DNA correctly to bring dinosaurs back to life.

Once you have some exotic animals for your park, you must start building it faster and better than your opponents. Dinosaurs come in many different sizes and have different needs such as the food they eat (herbivores will not try to eat your guests) and the strength they need for cages. If your dinosaurs aren’t impressive enough, you can bring in classical theme park items like roller coasters to attract more people.

You will need to balance working on your lab so it produces better, more interesting dinosaurs with keeping your theme park improving and running.

Dinosaur Island has a scalable game length, meaning you can change the length of the game from 60 minutes to 2 and a half hours, no matter how many people are playing with you. Each time you play is different to the last thanks to the addition of “plot-twist” cards that are drawn at the beginning of the game. These cards change the rules and force you to think differently depending on how this specific game is affected.

Dinosaur Island is made for 1 to 4 players ages 10 and up. This game has already surpassed its goal of $15,000 with 24 days left to go! Currently, quite a few of the stretch goals have already been unlocked as well, [but] you will only get the deluxe stretch goal version of the game by backing the Kickstarter.

The Last Garden

is a work placement board game that has you playing a ‘robotanist’ competing to gain favor with the Queen. This game takes some basic setup, placing gems and dice into the gardens. Once you are ready to start, the first player must take an action card from the deck then perform the action. These actions might tell you to add gems to portions of the garden, change the dice number in sections of the garden, or to move gems from one area of the garden to another. Next, you will be able to place one of your ‘robotanists’ in a place on the board.

You can place a ‘robotanist’ in a number of places like in a section of the garden, to gain ‘favor points’ for each round you stay in that section, and the number of gems that are located there. You can place one in the mines, under a specific gem color of your choice. You will then gain points for gems that are the majority in the garden. The workshop is done in rows, so more than one botanist can be in it. Each row has a different effect. At the top of the workshop, it shows the dice that correspond with the dice in the sections of the garden. You can choose to place your ‘robotanist’ under one of these dice to gain points depending on the amount of gems in that section of the garden and how early they were to that section of the workshop. Robotanists can also be placed in the lab to gain ‘program boost’ tiles, that are one time use tiles that can change the card you place at the beginning of one of your turns.

The current player also gets given a queen card, which allows the player who has it to move a gem into a section of the garden, for free. At the end of the round, you get to empty the lab and move the ‘robotanists’ to other placement areas. If a sector of the garden has 6 or more gems in it, then the sector will “wilt” causing all of the gems to leave it. If your botanist is in the wilt row of the workshop, it will gain more favor cogs when wilting occurs. Next, you will gain your favor cogs depending on how everything went during that round!

This game may seem complicated at first, but it seems like a very fun game that will make you think and plan to win the game! The Last Garden is made for 2 to 4 players, 13 years and other. This game has already made its goal of $9,800 with 28 days to go!

Food Truck Champi

is a fast paced card game that has you running your own food truck. You are the owner of a new food truck, trying desperately to become the best food truck in town. You can do this by hiring staff, cooking food, and otherwise pleasing customers to earn awards and popularity. At the end of the day, the most popular food truck is deemed the winner!

Each game card can be used for three different functions; staff action, order ticket, or ingredient. You must manage which action is used to help you win the game. You can also time your actions to gain cards from the center card pool to help you along the way.

You can start your turn by making a decision — either doing market research to draw more cards from the center pool, take charge to draw your owner or wild card, or do an action by playing a card from your hand as a staff action. Staff actions move the cards to and from different zones (like the center pool, your hand, or the player board) in order to complete orders from customers.

These staff actions come in 5 different forms; a driver who moves cards from the center pool to your fridge as ingredients, the cheshire — who moves cards from the centerpool to your planting area as an order ticket, the manager who moves cards from the center card to your staff for a bonus staff action in the future, a prep cook who can move an ingredient from the fridge to an order ticket in the plating area, or the executive Chef who can play a card as an ingredient from your hand onto the order ticket in your plating area without it going to the fridge first.

Each time you complete an order, you get a popularity token from 1 of 3 stacks that add to your food truck board to upgrade your abilities.

When starting an action round, all other players get the chance to follow your staff action by using a card from their hand, or one of their hired staff. This means that player can make the same actions you are making (to possibly fulfil the same order) without doing it on their own turn. They can come closer to fulfilling the order you are looking to achieve faster than you can if you don’t plan well enough!

Each of these trucks also have preset bonuses like flavor profiles that allow you to receive bonus points for serving a set of foods. Another potential bonus is signature dishes that will have a matching logo on their card to your truck. You will receive a bonus for fulfilling these orders.

Food Truck Champion is a really nice looking game that will keep you moving and planning!

This game is made for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. It has surpassed its goal of $15,000 but has 14 days to go to get the rest of their stretch goals!


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