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What will it take, huh? has been banned from the roads (and countries), caused numerous accidents and even played a part in the tragic death of one young player in Japan. Authorities all over the world have issued statements about the game, begging people to be vigilant when engaging in the capturing of mons.

But some people just don't want to listen to reason, as exemplified by a rather negligent bus driver in Japan.

Don't Be Like This Bus Driver; Don't Pokémon GO And Drive

This here is a clip taken in Osaka, Japan which clearly shows a bus driver playing Pokémon GO for quite some time while operating the ENORMOUS vehicle! The video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday and is rather distressing.

Sanyo News reported on the incident, stating that the footage came from within a tour bus from the Ryobi Group in Osaka. This dude was actually carrying a bus full of passengers on a tour around one of Japan's biggest cities! What was he thinking?!

The company has since apologized for the careless actions of this driver, and made it clear that drivers were banned from using Pokémon GO while driving prior to this date. All we can say is well done to the person who took the video and shame on the dude who thought this was acceptable conduct.

How Niantic Is Trying To Tackle The Problem

Niantic knew that aspects of Pokémon GO's design would be problematic once it was unleashed upon the world. While there was nothing preventing drivers from operating the device initially, updates have introduced safety measures in order to tackle the problem.

At first, the game relied upon an honor system, which essentially asked players whether they were operating a vehicle or merely a passenger. However, a recent update actually blocks Pokémon from appearing in your vicinity if you're travelling over 30mph. Even if you could run at that pace it'd be a hazard to those around you and yourself! .

However, as exemplified by this fine gentleman, the onus is on us as players to be responsible when playing Pokémon GO. Throw caution to the wind and the ramifications could be quite serious.

Be safe out there, trainers. Take a break from catching mons when you're driving.

What do you make of this example of gross negligence?

Check out this trailer for the awesome kinetic Pokéball controller that can add an even greater degree of realism to how you catch mons in Pokémon GO (outside of your bloody car, okay?!)!


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