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Turns out the rumors are true: Activision is taking the Call of Duty series back to its roots. And by its roots, we mean World War II.

That's right, a countdown website posted on the official Call of Duty website reveals that Call of Duty: WWII will have a "worldwide reveal livestream" on April 26th, 10am Pacific Time. On the 26th, fans are expecting to see a whole ton of new information about where the franchise is headed to next.

A blog post on Call of Duty: WWII gives a little bit of history about Call of Duty entries in World War II, but there's not too much additional information to go by on the next CoD. All we know for certain is that Sledgehammer Games is developing WWII - which was common knowledge, anyway, as it was their turn in the development cycle at Activision to create a new Call of Duty game.

"This year Sledgehammer Games joins the WWII ranks of Call of Duty with Call of Duty: WWII, which will bring the series back to World War II after nearly ten years," the post states.

Either way, the world will know for certain what Sledgehammer Games has in store once April 26th hits.

What's Coming in WWII?

[Source: The Family Video Gamers, via the Escapist]
[Source: The Family Video Gamers, via the Escapist]

Where will Call of Duty: WWII take us? It's hard to say, but looking back at previous Call of Duty titles from World War II will give us a good indicator of where we're headed.

For one, Call of Duty games have almost always returned to the European Front in one way or another. Whether it was the American role in the Western Front in the original Call of Duty, or the Soviet campaign in Call of Duty: World at War, it's practically guaranteed that we'll get some action in Europe throughout the game. There's nothing in gaming like killing Nazis, and well, this is just another prime title for Nazi shootin', killin', and bludgeonin'.

It seems somewhat likely that the Eastern Front will feature, too. Call of Duty: Black Ops took players back to the Soviet Union, wrapping up both Reznov and Dimitri Petrenko's storylines from the original World at War. Activision is open to taking the franchise to the horrific depths of the Eastern Front, although it's still up in the air whether this will -- or won't -- be the case.

There's also a few clues in the reveal image's artwork, too. For one, it's pretty clear that the anonymous soldier in the foreground is an American GI. The background looks musky, dirty, and grey: a common color choice used for games and films that take place on the Western Front, thanks to the huge role that urban combat played for Allied troops.

Source: The Family Video Gamers, via the Escapist
Source: The Family Video Gamers, via the Escapist

Not to mention, Eurogamer originally confirmed through sources that a video posted by "The Family Video Gamers" included official artwork for Call of Duty: WWII. While the video was later taken down, Eurogamer published one image that seems to suggest players will be heading on over to D-Day. Some of those leaked images can still be seen on the Escapist still. Many of them feature D-Day-esque imagery.

So it looks like American troops will be fighting in Europe this November. While it's hard to say for certain until the official reveal, if you're a World War II buff, you're going to like what Activision has in store for the second half of 2017.

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