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If you missed out on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered when it first came out with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's Legacy Edition, then don't fret — you're in luck. Reports reveal that Modern Warfare Remastered is coming out as a standalone game over the summer, just in time for Call of Duty: WWII later this fall.

Retail copies of Modern Warfare Remastered have already been sent over to stores, with Target reportedly selling the game for $39.99. Charlie INTEL originally broke the story with an anonymous tip, but even though the game has surfaced across stores, it's hard to say when the title will release because different retailers have varying release dates.

So far, the standalone edition will come out either June 20th or June 27th. Seeing how news broke on the 19th, and Activision prefers to promote their games over soft launching them, June 27th seems to be the most likely option.

All that said, Call of Duty fans are already rejoicing for Remastered. For fans that were wary of Infinite Warfare's relatively steep price tag for entry, picking the game up for 40 bucks sounds like a solid deal.

Activision Is Clearly Building Hype For 'WWII'

[Source: Activision]
[Source: Activision]

Call of Duty: WWII is bringing the series back to its roots, and longtime fans are eager to strap into the game's multiplayer. WWII's multiplayer reveal at E3 2017 showed off a gritty, semi-realistic FPS where players are given a wide range of historically accurate shotguns, rifles and gear to use against their enemies. Americans even get flamethrowers, promising a tense battlefield come November.

But until then, Activision needs something to get fans excited for classic Call of Duty. Releasing Modern Warfare Remastered as a standalone pick is the perfect solution. The game bridged two generations of Call of Duty — a historical, World War II-based FPS versus an increasingly futuristic multiplayer game — through a wide range of gameplay tweaks and killstreaks, while still maintaining that classic old-school run-and-gun flavor that made Call of Duty 2 so popular on PC.

There isn't a better way to bring fans back to the game's roots than to rerelease one of the most iconic titles in the entire series. Activision is certainly doing that on purpose.

Activision May Be Thinking About More Remasters

[Source: Activision]
[Source: Activision]

But the remaster's rerelease as a standalone game also sheds some light onto Call of Duty's future. Fans could very well see a World at War remake after WWII. Or even better, Modern Warfare 2 might get a new life with a remastered release in 2018.

It's sensible that Activision wants to make the most out of the Call of Duty franchise's greatest hits. If Activision is rereleasing Modern Warfare Remastered to get a gauge on whether fans actually want to play more classic Call of Duty on its own, then more remakes may be on the way.

It's not as if Modern Warfare Remastered was critically panned, either. Far from it. The game was hailed as a proper remake to the original Modern Warfare, convincing many old-school fans to pick up Infinite Warfare just to try out its classic counterpart. Releasing a remastered game that builds hype for the main franchise is a fantastic idea, one that Activision may want to explore as WWII introduces some nostalgia for the original World War II games.

It's hard to say for certain what the future holds. But a $40 standalone rerelease of CoD 4 may just be enough Call of Duty to keep fans excited until WWII's Private Beta launches later this year. And seeing how Activision has more reveals on the road to November, Modern Warfare Remastered may be Activision's secret weapon to keep fans excited until the fall.

Are you going to pick up Modern Warfare Remastered's standalone release? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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