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A brand new Call of Duty has just been officially revealed, and it's looking pretty killer.

For those who are unacquainted, Call of Duty: WWII was officially announced last week, with Activision teasing fans to tune in for a major livestream reveal on April 26th. Well, April 26th's stream just happened, and Activision has provided fans with all sorts of new information about the upcoming title.

If you missed the stream, you can catch it right here:

And yes! There's a trailer involved, too. You can catch it right at the beginning, or check it out below over here if you want to skip the rest of the stream.

So, what have we learned from the trailer? Well...

  • Players take on the role of a recruit from Texas who lands on D-Day. Serving in the European Front, the game looks to follow one platoon's mission from hitting France to advancing against the German threat. No word yet if other player characters will feature.
  • Players serve in the "Bloody First," and the game plans to put the player directly into the action right on the battlefield with their squad. There's a lot of drama between soldiers that will take place, showing that this Call of Duty will be very character-driven.
  • The trailer shows some pretty gorey scenes, from soldiers getting massacred at D-Day to the player character bludgeoning a German soldier's face in to death. The game definitely wants to stress that "war is hell," perhaps more so than other CoD titles.
  • The graphics look amazing, with a "dark and beautiful" art direction. This makes the game much more cinematic and emotional than previous Call of Duty titles.
  • Yes, there is a private beta, but there's some limitations. The trailer's fine print stresses that platforms may see beta launches on different days, and it points out that the minimum beta length is for three days.
  • Codes are limited, too, meaning it's better to pre-order early than later.

There's also some additional information worth touching on from the livestream's presentation and interview segment. Brotherhood between soldiers will play a major role in the story, and fans can expect "visceral, boots-on-the-ground gameplay" approach similar to the original WWII series.

Looking Back at WWII Movies Influencing This Game

Activision and Sledgehammer Games want to create one of the most immersive World War II video games around, and it's clear where their inspiration lies. The focus on brotherhood, camaraderie, and struggle against the impossible draws on similar themes to other video games and movies about the struggles and fears that many American soldiers faced on the battlefield.

In 2001, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks served as executive producers on Band of Brothers, an HBO miniseries following the trials and traumas of Easy Company, a parachute infantry company dropping into some of the most dangerous battlefields of World War II.

Dark, dramatic, but touching, the series follows the feelings and emotions that blossomed between a group of young soldiers faced against the European Front's brutal backdrop. That same "dark and beautiful" art direction that Call of Duty: WWII is drawing on can be seen in Band of Brothers, which rests today as one of the most popular drama miniseries about World War II to this day.

Of course, Call of Duty: WWII's influences can be felt beyond cinema. The new installment's focus on the gritty, traumatic impact of war has a lot in common with the Brothers in Arms series.

For those unacquainted, Brothers in Arms follows the 502nd Infantry Regiment, part of the 101st Airborne Division. Players take on the role of Sergeant Matt Baker, working with his fellow paratroopers against the German military's strongholds in France. Realistic and tactical, the Brothers in Arms series focuses on the harsh reality of war: that soldiers and friends die during the conflict.

Source: Brothers in Arms Wikia
Source: Brothers in Arms Wikia

It's safe to say that Call of Duty: WWII won't necessarily take on the Brothers in Arms's franchise's tactical gameplay. That's not quite how the Call of Duty series plays. But Call of Duty: WWII definitely seems inspired by the character-driven story and realistic environments that Brothers in Arms introduced. The battlefield is a messy area where death is always looming, the new game suggests, and both Brothers in Arms and Band of Brothers certainly inspired those ideas.

Source: Activision
Source: Activision

It's safe to say that Sledgehammer has done their homework with WWII. We're excited to see how the upcoming World War II title plays and feels compared to similar titles out there, and we hope that the new game lives up to the building hype.

Excited for Call of Duty: WWII? Share your thoughts on the reveal in the comments below.


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