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Have you ever felt the urge, whether it was out of frustration or excitement, to just pick up your phone and ring the person who made the video game that was currently driving you mad and have a chat? I know I have—I'm looking at you, .

Jokes aside, maybe you've had a burning question that only the developer could have answered. Perhaps you were wondering why a particular boss felt so damn difficult or what a creator's process was for a certain character. Or maybe you just wanted to ask them what it's like to have such an awesome job! Well, with Callvention, a new service that was just launched, you can now do exactly that.

Callvention Lets You Ring Up Developers For As Little As Three Dollars Per Minute

"Hey, what's up bro?" [Credits: Callvention]
"Hey, what's up bro?" [Credits: Callvention]

It's true, Callvention will actually let you ring up your favorite developer so that you can talk about their games and your experiences with them. Something the industry has never seen before, it's meant to be a way of bringing fans and game makers closer together, so that both sides can benefit.

Unlike movies, games can envelop their fans in whole new explorable worlds and gamers will often spend dozens of hours playing and re-playing their favorites. Therefore, the fans want more than to just watch interviews or game development videos online, and, according to Callvention, they deserve more than a quick autograph or photo. This service aims to connect these fans with their heroes, while developers can share stories, maybe hear some cool ideas for their games and, of course, earn a quick buck.

Which Games And Developers Are On Callvention's Call List?

Not a bad list! [Credits: Callvention]
Not a bad list! [Credits: Callvention]

As you can see above, the list isn't as long as we would perhaps want it to be, but there are some great games on it. Personally, I think it would be interesting to hear from the guys—no female developers have signed up yet, unfortunately—who made some of the Halo and Medal of Honor games, as well as Prey, Red Dead Redemption and the original N64 version of Turok. But don't worry if you're not hyped about any of these, they'll be adding more names to the list over time!

Unfortunately it isn't all fun and games, as you do actually have to pay quite a bit for this service. And, as you can imagine, the more in-demanded and popular developers will cost you more money to talk to. Also, there is a minimum talk time of fifteen minutes, which, at three dollars a minute, already adds up to around 50 dollars.

How Do You Order A Call?

"Matt Durgavich" has been added to your cart. [Credits: Callvention]
"Matt Durgavich" has been added to your cart. [Credits: Callvention]

On the Callvention website, if you click on any of the games on the list above, a developer will appear who had something to do with its creation. More often than not, the developers will have helped create more than one game on the list during their career. You can find all of that information on the developer's page where it shows you their biography and their gaming credits.

Finally, the last step is to 'order a phone call' with the developer. You will have to add the developer to your cart (not weird at all) and then proceed to the checkout. Once you have given over all your details, Callvention will schedule a call when you and the developer are both free. That's when the fun begins! So, you gonna give it a try?

I wouldn't mind giving Dead Rising 4's developers a call, it looks insane! Check out the launch trailer right here.

Will you be using this wacky new phone service? Tell us in the comments section below.

(Sources: Callvention)


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