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The Switch is the newest, greatest thing, so obviously we can't stop talking about it. Then it came out that it might not be so great as we thought, so obviously we can't stop talking about it. But hey, Zelda will be on it, so obviously we can't stop talking about it. But Resident Evil won't be on it, so obviously we...

Can't stop talking about it.

The internet loves to beat things into the ground. It's what it does. And journalists are always going to capitalize on the trends for as long as they can drag it out, a symptom of the 24 hour news.

When something funny happens, there's always that one friend who will repeat it ad nauseam for years. The internet is kind of like that, except that one friend is now hundreds of thousands of people and everywhere. Thinkpieces are abound, and there's a new article every day debating the merits of the Switch, often contradictory.

In case you weren't aware, the Switch probably isn't meant for casual gamers. Sorry guys, better luck next time.

But wait, it's also not meant for hardcore gamers either. I guess that leaves middle gamers?

Poor Nintendo, it seems like they aren't making the Switch for anyone. Maybe it's for the best.

So we've verified it's not made for gamers. Maybe it's for investors.

But don't worry about who it's made for, the Switch is already sinking, despite not even being out for retail yet.

But wait! Pre-orders caused Nintendo's website to crash, Japan sold out within minutes, and Walmart closed pre-orders after extending the date due to "amazing sales."

Oops. Maybe it's not so doom and gloom after all.

Personally, I'm a big fan of this headline. You know what you're getting.

We love to talk about things that are awesome. We also love to talk about things we hate. It's human nature. And when something rises very quickly in popularity, there are plenty who will love it or hate it. The hype gets real, though sometimes we need to take a more temperate stand.

Hype Hype Hype

Hype can be a good thing. Everyone's happy, everyone's excited, hooray. But the huge hype is only good if you can back it up. What happens when the hype is real but the reality falls short?

You get sued for fraud.

On the consumer side, some people take lessons from past disappointment.

Though the internet is definitely full of hype for the Switch, at this point, it's still all just speculation. We can speculate how many units will sell (40 million, says an analyst firm) or who it's made for or whether it really is as awesome as you think. And it'll continue being speculation until March 3rd when the Switch releases.

The Switch could be the best thing ever. I doubt it will fail. It may not reach everyone's expectations but I think it'll be fun for the majority. The doom and gloom headlines are entertaining to read, but all that matters is your personal experience with the console.

We still have a little over a month until release so, to keep you company, here's a puppy.

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