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Capcom have come out with some very confident predictions for their latest sequel in the Resident Evil franchise. In a talk with video game business magazine MCV, Capcom's marketing director Antoine Moilant claimed that will be the biggest launch of this console generation for . Moilant said the company is hoping to sell 4 million copies of the new on the first day, and from the pre-sale, it looks like they might meet their goal.

Capcom Is Predicting 9's and 10's For Resident Evil 7 (And Maybe An 8 Or Two)

Hype has been building for 'Resident Evil 7' since the earliest screenshots were released. [Credit: Capcom]
Hype has been building for 'Resident Evil 7' since the earliest screenshots were released. [Credit: Capcom]

Moilant was especially confident about the quality of the upcoming Resident Evil 7. "We'd love to have only nines or tens, but I'm sure we'll see a few eights as well," he claimed during his interview. It's no secret that Capcom's sunk a lot into this reinvention of the Resident Evil series, which felt like it was flagging somewhat in recent years. After the P.T. demo developed a cult following and indie games like Outlast achieved break-out success, Capcom has obviously taken a few notes in an attempt to revolutionize their series. As Moilant summed it up in his interview:

"You need to reinvent yourself on a regular basis, while keeping the core nature of why your game is good."

Will it pay off for Capcom? They're certainly banking on it.

Can Capcom Claw Their Way Back To The Top Of The Horror Pile?

A feast fit for the king of horror [Credit: Capcom]
A feast fit for the king of horror [Credit: Capcom]

Resident Evil 4 was welcomed as a big change in direction for the series, with outstanding reviews all-round and the best sales in the series up to that point. In the years since, the series has floundered, at least critically. Resident Evil 5 scored well, but received a lot of criticism for the forced Co-Op mechanics (and racism). Resident Evil 6 received middling scores from reviewers, with many complaining that the series had abandoned its horror roots altogether, embracing campy schlock and awkward action gameplay in place of tension and fear.

Resident Evil 7 looks like a calculated gamble on Capcom's part, an attempt to tap into the new generation of horror while keeping some of what fans love about the Resident Evil series. By all accounts, it looks like it was a smart bet. Reactions from those who've played the game are overwhelmingly positive. There was some early worrying that the game may not include combat, but new videos have quelled fans's fears that their beloved series would become a walking simulator.

With the Silent Hill series relegated to weird arcade games and pachinko machines, Capcom's only serious competition in mainstream horror games looks to be Outlast 2. If Capcom can deliver all the frights of that indie hit with a dose of tense combat to boot, they'll be poised to take back the human-skin-covered throne of video game .


Which survival hillbilly horror game are you most looking forward to?

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