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Yes, it's totally true. Netflix officially revealed today that Carmen Sandiego, the hit edutainment game series from the 1980s and '90s, is coming to Netflix in the form of 20 episodes aimed at kids. Reportedly, the series will focus on Carmen Sandiego's origin story, how she became the world's greatest international criminal, and her backstory as a thief.

There's more info, too. Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin and Deepwater Horizon is featuring in the lead role. Finn Wolfhard, aka Mike from Stranger Things, will appear as the "Player," who io9 claims is "Carmen's chief accomplice and friend." The series is being created by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and DHX Media, with Duane Capizzi, CJ Kettler, and Caroline Fraser serving as executive producers.

[Credit: Netflix]
[Credit: Netflix]

Don't hold your breath, of course. The series doesn't land until 2019. But with news out in February that The Magic School Bus is also getting its own Netflix reboot, we're really hyped to see some remakes and reboots from the gaming world land on Netflix. Here's some of our suggestions, as far as '90s gaming goes.

Putt Putt

Do you remember Putt Putt, the purple cartoon car that went on all sorts of fun adventures with his puppy Pep? We do. Putt Putt was part of Humongous Entertainment's adventure title lines, including such classic games as Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, Spy Fox, and, yep, even Blue's Clues.

At the time, Putt Putt was one of Humongous Entertainment's most popular franchise lines, combining straightforward adventure gameplay with fun characters and puzzles for players to solve. Today, Putt Putt lives on via Steam, but we'd love to see the anthropomorphic car return via Netflix.

Math Blaster

Oh man, who didn't play Math Blaster as a kid? Intended to teach young elementary and middle school kids math, the Math Blaster series was pretty solid as far as edutainment titles go. Instead of featuring boring or monotonous problem-solving conundrums, Math Blaster Plus and its mid-'90s successors had a sleek, sci-fi cover that combined platforming and puzzle gaming with, well, math. It was cool, and in its heyday, it was second in sales only to the Carmen Sandiego series itself.

It would be amazing to see Math Blaster turned into a Netflix series, featuring the original characters back again as they explore the universe and, well, solve math. Make it happen, Netflix!


First released in 1989 by Will Wright, SimCity launched the "Sim" gaming franchise and put Wright on the map as the forefather of '90s sandbox simulators. It made simulators fun, and showed how fledgling infrastructures gave birth to huge, sprawling metropolis across the United States. Not to mention, SimCity was incredibly popular among young students, with the game found in many computer labs across the US during the '90s.

We'd love SimCity to come to Netflix, perhaps through some sort of "Making Of" documentary, or an overview of the dynamics and city planning theories that gave birth to the series. Cities are more popular than ever, and they're only growing in size. Let's learn about SimCity together on Netflix, please!

Oregon Trail

If you didn't play The Oregon Trail as a kid, then you didn't experience the wonderful world of edutainment gaming correctly.

Originally released in 1971 as an educational game teaching the history of the Oregon Trail to prospective students, the series's original creator, Don Rawitsch, was later hired by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium to create a full version of the game. The Oregon Trail quickly became incredibly popular from there, spawning multiple sequels.

The game casts players as settlers traveling to Oregon from the East Coast of the US, facing major challenges along the way. Such as rivers, accidental gunshot wounds, and dysentery.

We'd love an animated version of the original series, especially if it had young players dictating the stories along the way as they played the game. Please, Netflix, let us relive our childhood memories with one of the best educational games around.

What game remakes and reboots would you like to see on Netflix? Send us your suggestions in the comments below.


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