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In a sapient move that would have Andrew Lloyd Webber purring with delight, Capcom has further animated people's love affair with cats through a series of commercials to promote their mobile game Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village.

If you love cats, gaming and a good excuse to waste time, the following footage is for you.

Episode One: Comrades

Episode Two: Daily Life

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Episode Three: Hunting

Episode Four: Hunting Continued

Episode Five: Eggs

Episode Six: Eggs Continued

Even though these commercials have been out for a while now, many people are not aware of their existence. For some reason, only considered Japan to be fanatical enough to exhibit cats wearing hats. Obviously there was a genuine mistake on Capcom’s part there. To say you are not a cat fan has been eroded by the easy way you progressed through all six of these commercials.

That Was Purrrfect

Credit: Capcom
Credit: Capcom

True, Capcom's Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village game would not be up to scratch for many. Putting that aside, the real prize in all this are these ridiculously enigmatic scenarios that perfectly illustrate why people love them.

It's funny to think about the time it has taken for you to watch all of these. In the same period, others who turned away could have been immensely productive to society. Probably even changed out of their pajamas. Meh, whatever – want to watch them again?


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