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Japanese toymaker Bandai is releasing a special line of replica Pokémon Balls called Pocket Monsters. According to the company's official website, there will be a total of 11 Poké Balls to collect.

This Collection Is Bittersweet

Credit: Bandai
Credit: Bandai

Now, before you run off to the store hoping to gear up, be aware the likes of and Oddish are not hidden inside. These realistic balls of fanboy excitement are principally designed to hold candy.

But They Look So Good!

Credit: Bandai
Credit: Bandai

Who cares about the candy, right? Any avid fan is going to snap these up in a heartbeat. Adding any quality Poké Balls to your long list of collectibles is a no-brainer.

Credit: Bandai
Credit: Bandai

Remember, candy is only the excuse for the Pocket Monster creation. Once in hand, the application can be your own. I can see these as a great addition to an incredible cosplay, or opening move as part of a real-life battle.

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Here they All Are On Show

Don't stress if you're not proficient in Japanese, the above footage will still provide you with a clear understanding of these little Poké gems.

If anything, the Pocket Monsters are the must-have Pokémon fans Pez Dispenser. They'd be a great conversation starter to break the ice and maybe even have a little candy.

For the eager Pokémon collector who must have everything associated with the brand, as always, to catch them all is the real test.

How far have you gone to collect Pokémon memorabilia?


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