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Chuck Tingle, Phd., the (self proclaimed) Tae Kwon Do master who wrote Pokémon Go erotica, and Zoe Quinn, Gamergate's public enemy number one, are Kickstarting a video game.

And it's beautifully weird.

The Kickstarter "Kickstarted in the Butt: A Chuck Tingle Digital Adventure" is asking for $69,420 USD by Wednesday, November 16th, to produce the project. The currently untitled 'Project Tingler' is a dating simulator game that recalls a strange, failed part of gaming's history: Full Motion Video (FMV).

Sorry, that's not a video that plays
Sorry, that's not a video that plays

Instead of animated characters or CGI like every other game, Quinn's 'Project Tingler' will feature full motion video of half naked, muscled men in gorilla and unicorn masks filmed on a green screen and transported into the game itself.

The project currently has 360 backers pledging over $13,000.

There are 10 tiers for Kickstarter pledges, five of which have 69 in them and one of which is at $420. The final and most expensive tier is $1,069, and offers backers a unique Chuck Tingle erotica written with the backer as the protagonist.

Who is Chuck Tingle?

Tingle is known for his tongue-in-cheek bizarre brand of satirical internet erotica that features dinosaurs, yetis, and plenty of 'buckaroos'. Oh, and butts. Lots of butts.

Most 'Tinglers', as Tingle calls them, are a loving send up of modern events that are desperately in need of a joke (and a pounding). We're talking erotica with titles like:

  • Pokébutt Go
  • Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt
  • Buttception: A Butt Within A Butt Within A Butt
  • Living Inside My Own Butt For Eight Years, Starting A Business And Turning A Profit Through Common Sense Reinvestment And Strategic Targeted Marketing
  • Pounded By The Pound: Turned Gay By The Socioeconomic Implications Of Britain Leaving The European Union
  • Slammed By The Substantial Amount Of Press Generated By My Book "Pounded By The Pound: Turned Gay By The Socioeconomic Implications Of Britain Leaving The European Union"

And that list is only a small sampling of Tingle's library of over 100 erotic novels on Amazon. His books are also famous for covers featuring half naked men with dinosaur heads, gorilla heads, and unicorn heads. We don't judge.

Chuck Tingle and Quinn became known as internet friends and allies of a sort by sharing a solidarity in face of hate groups like Gamergate.

The quick version: When a white supremacy group led by Vox Day flooded the Hugo Award polls with Tingle's Space Raptor Butt Invasion, Tingle belittled them and poked fun.

And then Tingle decided to take a jab at Gamergate by pledging his Hugo Award: if he won the award, he would give it to Zoe Quinn.

Who is Zoe Quinn?

If you don't know who Zoe Quinn is, then congrats on being spared one of the ugliest eras of internet hate this side of the 2016 US election.

Zoe Quinn is the indie developer responsible for Depression Quest, several experimental online games, and has been an active, progressive voice in the indie game world. She has also been the target of numerous internet hate mobs and conspiracy theorists.

Motivated by death threats, Quinn became a co-founder of Crash Override, a pro bono support group that supports victims of severe internet harassment, threats, and doxing.

If you'd like a behind-the-scenes look at Quinn's Kickstarter project, how she's filming a FMV game style in 2016, and the cryptic and strange notes she got from Chuck Tingle about the project, then I highly recommend checking out Vice's new mini documentary below:


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