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Civilization VI's Winter Update has been released and it includes a number of bug fixes, balance changes, and AI improvements. Notably, the AI will (hopefully) be less dense in trade deals and more accurately determine the value of the trade on the table. Some other highlights include:

  • Added Earth map
  • Improved AI handling of Promises; including that they are more likely to agree if they like you, and also will consider how trustworthy a civ is by whether they’ve kept previous promises
  • Added new art for National Parks
  • Added sound effect for Quick Save hotkey

These are just a sample of the full patch notes, so we recommend checking them out.

In addition, Civilization VI has released a new content pack which retails for $4.99. The content pack adds Poland as a new playable civ with Jadwiga, a fourteenth century monarch, as their leader. Poland's unique ability, Golden Liberty, allows them to seize territory from nearby cities when they build a Fort or Encampment. (Protip: Don't let Poland settle near your borders.) When seizing territory with Golden Liberty, Poland's religion is also automatically spread to the city from which territory was seized.

Poland's unique building, the Sukiennice, increases yields from trade routes. Meanwhile, its unique unit is the freaking Winged Hussars, y'all. Who are they? Only the most badass warriors to have ever lived. If you disagree, I'm sorry, but I have to fight you.

In terms of game mechanics, when Winged Hussars deal more damage than a defending unit, that defending unit will be forced to retreat a tile. If there's nowhere for that retreating unit to go, they'll take bonus damage. With the Winged Hussars being a mid-game unit, this means Poland will be able to play aggressively during that stage of the game, forward settling cities to steal territory with Golden Legacy, and invade through the use of Winged Hussars to break a defensive line.

If Poland isn't dealt with early, their midgame can steamroll across the map or put them in a strong position when moving to later eras of the game.

With the holidays right around the corner, Civilization VI is eager to eat up all of your free time if you're not careful. Be wary.

Do you think Poland will be a good addition to the 'Civilization VI' roster?


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