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What with tearing up the FPS scene with its exceptional design and the sheer majesty of melting our hearts and eyes, the latest instalment in the franchise had its work cut out for it this November. But, alas, hubris seems to have gotten the better of Infinite Warfare.

Responses to the beta were overwhelmingly negative, with devoted fans of the franchise taking to the interwebs to voice their concerns and disappointments with the title's multiplayer. But now that the game is out in the wilds for everyone to play, players have noticed something that's left a rather unpleasant taste in their mouths.

Infinite Disappointment: Weapon Variants Are Yet Again Locked Behind Supply Drops

NEWS indeed, Charlie.

Essentially what this means is that some of the best weapons in the game are locked behind a pay wall. You can only unlock them by purchasing Supply Drops and hoping that the gun you desire is in one of the boxes you bought. They make a massive impact online and players are understandably enraged.

This particular aspect of multiplayer in Infinite Warfare was carried forward from previous Call of Duty games. It promotes a 'Pay to Win' environment and was highly criticized whenever it was introduced in the past. One redditor summarizes their disappointment with this feature quite well:

Well they threw Sledgehammer on the sword with Advanced Warfare to test the waters with this stuff. The imbalance of the variants and lack of regular balance patches really made that game 'pay to win' once they introduced the supply drops as a purchasable item on top of a time-played drop.

The ASM1 Speakeasy was at almost all times the dominant weapon in the game and became noticeable when you didn't use it (hoping that you'd get one, rng being what it is). Advanced Warfare was the most fun I'd had with COD since MW2 and seeing that game fall apart over time made me so sad. - reddit

A lot of players agree with them, and the fact that this has been re-introduced in Infinite Warfare has soured gamers' opinion towards the AAA title.

Call of Duty games are expensive. Really expensive. And the supply drops, at least for a lot of players, are emblematic of this franchise's desire to drain as much money from their supporters as possible.

This s*** is going way too far. I ranted enough about this in the last thread on this topic, but $60 + $50 season pass + microtransactions + some of those microtransactions can give you guns with a stat boost to them + apparently now you can't craft some of these you gotta hope RNJesus is on your side. That is completely unacceptable to me.

And to a lot of other people, xdownpourx.

Will things change over time? COD players are certainly voicing their concerns, so perhaps we'll see Infinite Warfare or future titles give in to players' demands. All I can ask is why couldn't Infinite Warfare have followed Titanfall 2 and make all that extra content free for everyone?!

What do you make of Infinite Warfare?

If you're enjoying Infinite Warfare and need some help with understanding multiplayer and its combat rigs, be sure to check out this video below!


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