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Conan Exiles is the latest fantasy-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Funcom. This latest take on the Conan universe has been hailed, already, as a success for the studio; it sold over 480,000 copies within the first 30 days and remained number one on Steam's Global Top Seller list for over two weeks.

Available right now via early access Conan Exiles is currently working with the community to hone and perfect the game. Funcom plans to continue to work with the community throughout the early access process with regular, often weekly, updates.

The year ahead is full of bug squashing, exploit alteration and the introduction of more and more new content. Expect all new dungeons, monsters, biomes and gameplay mechanics.

The development will be split into three phases over the coming year. The first phase will focus on patches, bug fixes and performance and stability updates. The second phase will allow for is the bigger game updates to be implemented. These introductions will be less frequent but have game changing capabilities.

The third will introduce the game to major consoles and large scale content updates like biomes. Biomes are environmental influences that change the flow of both the map and the gameplay.

By the end of the early access campaign, you can expect Conan Exiles will be a vast and utterly immersive open world experience. Get ready for more monsters, gods, weapons, blood and nudity!

Siege warfare

The first of the larger introductions, siege warfare, allows for a whole new approach to your aspirations of world domination. Buildable siege towers, trebuchets, avatar defense and corpse lockers will dramatically alter your approach to war.

Siege towers will be totally customizable, mobile foundations that will allow players to breach enemy walls in the most creative of ways. The Trojan horse springs to mind.

The trebuchet will allow players to thwart enemy defenses from range by hurling boulders and other objects into and/or over the walls. It’s a complicated siege weapon that’s costly to make, but will certainly hand you the advantage in any raiding expedition.

The avatar defense system will allow players to defend against the avatar gods that stalk the plains. This will be a strategic implementation, however, as you will not be able to defend against all avatars, but only a select few of your choosing. You must decide what gods you wish to defend against. This introduces a rock, paper, scissors mechanic to the game which I find fascinating.

Corpse lockers allow players to store dead bodies in large vats that they can later hurl into enemy bases to spread disease and panic amongst its people.

As well as all-new customizable weapon mechanics soon players will be able to customize their entire attire. Using dyes made from blood, plants and many other sources players will be able to tailor their outfit to any which way they wish.


The introduction of dungeons will allow players to venture ever deeper into the dark and twisted world of Conan. These dark and unforgiving environments will be located beneath the ruins of the Exiled Lands and hide many a formidable foe.

Beneath the city is where the darkest of magic was cast. This discarded horror has spawned the most ungodly of monsters so venturing into the dungeons alone or even with friends is risky business.

Epic sorcery

The sorcery system taps into corruption and alters your character in multiple ways when venturing into the dark and corrupted lands of the Exiled world.

As with any RPG, the more corruption obtained, the more powerful you and your magic become, but be forewarned, this power taints the soul and too much corruption can cripple your character. To summon great power the player must borrow energy from their own health and stamina. This, in effect, makes the character weaker but allows for access into necromancy and demonic summoning. These abilities will, in turn, allow you to call upon otherwise unobtainable twisted creatures that will do your bidding for you.

Conan Exiles is shaping up to be a well formulated, community-driven world full of interaction and innovation. It takes the best of what its predecessors offered and ties it all together with new and exciting mechanics and visceral adventure.

The game is available now via Steam's early access and is awaiting your death. Jump in now and let us know what you think.

Your cross awaits, Exiles.


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