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The ten or so units of the Nes Classic Edition that Nintendo appears to have manufactured are flying off the shelves with the promise of thirty classic games. It's certainly not a bag deal, and aside from some weirdly short cables, the Nes Classic Edition is a pretty great buy if you can actually get into the forbidden tomb where the last two are being kept.

The RetroEnging Sigma Promises To Play Almost Every Classic Game

[Credit: Doyodo]
[Credit: Doyodo]

But if you're willing to wait a year and forgo 's little bundle, it appears Doyodo's RetroEngine Sigma may be worth the delay. The new console, which met its Indiegogo goal recently, promises to emulate 28 different classic consoles—that's consoles, not games—and will support additional Rom and emulator installation from a microSD adapter. USB ports and adapters on the console will allow users to attach whichever controller they prefer to use as an interface, and Doyodo promise wireless functionality as well.

So far there's no word on precisely which the system will ship with, but the promise of emulation has me hoping for the return of Goldeneye parties. Plus you know they'll get Doom in there, they always do.

The console will also apparently work as a basic home computer, which means that gamers can take a break from the system's library of classic games to work on that google drive spreadsheet they've been heroically procrastinating on.

The Affordable Console Promises 4K Media

[Credit: Doyodo]
[Credit: Doyodo]

The system also promises to be usable as a 4K media centre, allowing users to hook the RetroEngine Sigma up to their TV and watch ultra hi-res films from the comfort of their couch. At $50 for those who back the console early, this may prove to be one of the cheaper 4K options around.

All of this sounds incredibly promising, if not a little ambitious. The console has only just completed crowd-funding, and the usual disclaimers apply. There's going to be a fair wait for the release, and things may change in the meantime, hardware wise. Still, even if the little console could only achieves half its goals, it looks like a pretty nifty little machine to pick up for christmas next year.

In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for the RetroEngine Sigma and see what you think.

(Source: Indiegogo)

Are you excited about the new console? Did you have to kill a man to get a NES Classic Edition? Let us know in the comments!


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