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Over the past few months, a prevailing rumor suggests that the next Overwatch hero will be someone that you probably know and love: None other than actor and former football star Terry Crews.

Fans have been clamoring for this unlikely combination for some time now, with threads on Reddit and the official fan forums calling for Crews to offer his unmistakable personality to the game, both of which are highly regarded.

The fans put forth their plea.
The fans put forth their plea.
They also seem to agree that it's an awesome idea.
They also seem to agree that it's an awesome idea.

Surprisingly, Crews responded to the Reddit thread, elevating his possible presence in the game from "we want this" to "this might actually be happening."

The man himself speaks!
The man himself speaks!

Further fueling the fire, Crews posted the following on his Facebook page (which is also, incidentally, the source of this article's cover image):

So To Recap So Far

  • Fans ask for Terry Crews in the game.
  • Other fans agree that this is an amazing idea (because, hey — it is).
  • Terry Crews responds.
  • Terry Crews wants to voice a character named .
  • Terry Crews has visited and met with the creators of the game, mentioning Overwatch specifically.

The signs are definitely there. But who's Doomfist?

According to the series lore, the current Doomfist is the third man to carry the name. The Overwatch Gamepedia states the following:

The moniker of "Doomfist" has been carried by at least three individuals, referred to as "the Savior," "the Scourge," and "the Successor" respectively.

This would make the current Doomfist the Successor. So who is this Successor? Let's take a look at the animated short Recall. When Winston looks back at previous members of Overwatch around 7:08 in the video, a number of faces flash across the screen.

This is one of those faces.


It does seem to fit.
It does seem to fit.

It might just be me, but this looks like a character that Crews' trademark voice and personality could easily fit. Nobody can say with 100 percent certainty who the next hero or their voice actor will be, but the crew behind the scenes (pun not intended) is certainly dropping hints, red herrings or no.

One thing I know for sure: I'm not the only one who thinks this is a really cool idea, and Crews himself is among those who agree with me.

Look out for tweaks coming to the game in early 2017. If not an Overwatch character, who would you like Terry Crews to voice in the video game world?

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