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aUbisoft has been in the news quite a bit lately, and sadly mostly because they are in the midst of a potential hostile takeover.

Ubisoft is one of the largest game developers in the world and rightfully so when you consider how pivotal their games have been to many generations of gamers. So it would make sense that Ubisoft would be constantly looking to expand their reach, especially with the takeover looming in the distance. Expansion could be what halts the take over.

Just this week, Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot announced that he was in talks with Netflix to develop an original series based on one of the many video game franchises currently developed by the gaming giant. The news couldn't be more incredible to think about, especially when you think that they are already working in Hollywood on 3 major films:

  • Assassin's Creed starring Michael Fassbender
  • A film based on The Division starring/produced by Jake Gyllenhaal (rumored 2016)
  • A film based on Splinter Cell starring Tom Hardy (rumored 2012)

Ubisoft officially has a film and television division, which is behind the Assassin's Creed film and an interactive TV show based on Rabbids, but there has been little else outside of the occasional rumor. So it's exciting to hear the CEO announce that there are talks happening for a Ubisoft title to make the transition to Netflix, so the question becomes:

What Ubisoft title is the best bet for a Netflix series?

Well, Ubisoft has a lot of potential when you think about it. They've developed several of the most loved franchises in gaming, but here are the 6 leading possibilities:


We all know Rayman, he's been a staple of the gaming industry for well over 20 years, making his game debut in 1995 as a 2D platformer. Rayman would be an obvious choice for Ubisoft to bring to Netflix as an original animation considering how well shows like Voltron: Legendary Defender, All Hail King Julien and Skylanders Academy have done on Netflix. An animated series might be the best way for Ubisoft to test the waters on Netflix before moving onto bigger projects.

There's a fair amount of story that Netflix could draw from the various games, or even introduce new lore and plot lines that could open up future games for Ubisoft. It would be a win-win for both Netflix and Ubisoft to bring Rayman to animated life in an original series, or even a Netflix original film.

Watch Dogs

A lot of the potential for Watch Dogs to garner a Netflix series could ride on the success of the sequel being released in a few days. Watch Dogs is unique in that, Netflix could really take the story anywhere. Currently the original Watch Dogs takes place in a futuristic Chicago, and Watch Dogs 2 will take place in San Francisco. Changing the locale would be a small task when you think about the potential.

Cyber security and the potential threats are definitely something that viewers will devour, just look at how long Person of Interest was on Network TV. Following a new hacker in their pursuit of riding the city from a new version of ctOS and the bid bag corporation, Blume.

Beyond Good & Evil

This would be a shot in the dark, but Beyond Good & Evil has a lot of potential - if not as much of a current fanbase. Turning the concept of the game into a dark drama would be easy enough when you think about it, since the plot of the game follows Jade, the main protagonist, as she faces a sweeping alien siege and a military power that seems to be in league with the invading aliens. Jade's adventure is equal parts puzzle-solving and stealth as she investigates the invasion and fights along side the resistance.

For nearly 9 years, a sequel has been on the back burner and only just confirmed as a reality on October 6th. Perhaps the revival of the sequel will be in line with a live action series based on Jade's adventures. I think technically, this could be an animated series but live action could be more impressive and could really allow for the darker elements of the game to be drawn out.

Ghost Recon

10 games in, and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and the hype for Wildlands is real. There is an incredible amount of story that could be pulled from any one of the games and developed into a series. The Ghost Recon series follows a collection of elite U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers, much like the real Delta Force and SEAL Team Six. Viewers have always had a fascination with military shows like The Unit and Strike Back. Taking hints from these shows would be necessary for a Ghost Recon show to get off the ground.

Taking a game like Ghost Recon and developing would take some effort, but if anyone could do it, it would be Netflix. The series would need to focus on larger multi-episode arcs to keep it unique and not become a rip off of The Unit.

Splinter Cell

If the movie featuring ever pans out, then you can scratch this from the potentials, but 4 years after the rumors there really has been no news besides countless writers looking at the script and offering their own re-writes. So until it is officially announced as a feature film, I think Splinter Cell would actually work really well on Netflix. Following Sam Fisher through various covert missions would make for an engaging episodic series, almost along the lines of 24 at its prime.

Introducing Sam Fischer to the world would be an interesting move for Ubisoft & Netflix because it would bring something to the streaming giant that it hasn't seen yet, a badass military hero. Splinter Cell would play well as an action-adventure with drama considering that in the game series, Sam has a close relationship with his daughter Sarah - which would undoubtedly put Sam in conflict through the series.

Maybe It Would Be a Full Assassin's Creed Series?

Hopefully no matter what Ubisoft and Netflix come up with, it'll be something in line with the awesome visuals that we are seeing in the trailers leading up to the December 21st release of Assassin's Creed. Check it out below if you need a reminder of the potential for these other Ubisoft titles.

Ultimately, Ubisoft has a lot of potential stories that they could draw from, or perhaps Netflix is looking at something further out on the horizon and wants to line up a new series with a future title of Ubisoft that we don't quite know about, but what do you think?


Which Ubisoft game would you want to see on Netflix?


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