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Feel old yet?!

So apparently it's been 20 years to the day since Crash Bandicoot spun his way on to Sony's PlayStation, breaking a few box(es) office records along the way. We've paid many a tribute to the jeans-wearing bandicoot in the past, but this is a special occasion.

In order to commemorate the impact this guy had on our collective childhoods, we thought we'd throw together a list of ways to celebrate. Enjoy!

20 Different Ways To Celebrate The Wonder of Crash Bandicoot

1. Play The Damn Games, Duh!

You can pick up Crash Bandicoot one through three on the PlayStation Store for $5.99 each, that is if you've gotten rid of them over the years, of course. The Crash games hold up surprisingly well considering their age, but we can't wait to see how Sony update them in the announced Remastered Collection — which blew minds at E3.

2. Watch Crash Diss Mario Outside Nintendo HQ

"Your worst nightmare has arrived!" I suppose this is kind of true. I mean, if some dude pulled up outside my house wearing this outfit mocking my achievements through a loudspeaker, I'd be terrified!

3. Watch An Hour Interview With Crash's Composer, Josh Mancell

Josh Mancell is the man behind Crash's distinctive sound. He's also worked on other Naughty Dog products, like the Jak and Daxter series — what a talent. But in this video he focuses on his experiences with Crash Bandicoot and what it was like to create the iconic music which complimented the iconic gameplay.

4. Enjoy This (Terrifying) Japanese Crash Bandicoot Music Video

There are no words... I mean... Nah, no words.

5. Listen To Aku Aku Say "Ooga Booga," Or Whatever It Is He Says

Right-click, select "Loop." You're welcome.

6. Check Out These Cutscenes Which Were Cut From The Game

When exploring how to market this new IP, Naughty Dog and Sony created an animation for the game which was going to bookend the entire campaign. They were eventually cut, obvisouly, and looking at this, I can kinda see why...

7. See How Crash Could Have Looked

These are early concept images for the titular character of the game. He's a little bit more menacing than the Crash we know and love and I'm actually getting a bit of a Tim Burton vibe off of this dude!

8. Watch This Guy Beat Crash Bandicoot On A Dance Pad

Impressed yet?

9. Revel In The Ridiculous European Advert For Crash Team Racing

Terrible Actor 1: "Hey Murphy, look what I found in the trunk!"

Terrible Actor 2: *Grimace*

10. Marvel At This Dude Speed-running The Whole Game In 46 Minutes

You there, stop being so good at video games! It's hurting my self-esteem.

11. Play Uncharted 4, Stay For Crash

Uncharted 4 has one of the best easter eggs in recent memory. There you are in Drake's house, you sit down next to Elena and she challenges you to beat her high score on their home console. The console? The PlayStation. The Game? Crash-god-damn-Bandicoot. Beautiful.

12. Hear How The Crash Theme Evolved Over 20 Years

Some of the best video game music of all time? I'd like to think so!

13. Listen To Michael Christmas' 20th Anniversary Tribute To Crash Bandicoot

If you grew up in the '90s you likely remember Crash Bandicoot, a Playstation video game that was most popular in the mid/late 90s and early 2000s. Michael Christmas is paying homage to the video game this afternoon with new music, that probably unbeknowst to most (because why?), celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Crash Bandicoot game.

Mickey wrote on Soundcloud about the song, "Sep. 9 1996 is crash bandicoots birthday so i made this song to turn up for his 20th." Turn we shall, with upbeat but dulcet production from LordFubu.

14. Get Yourself A T-rrific Shirt

What's this? An awesome Crash Bandicoot t-shirt made to look like some form of darker version of Jim Carrey's The Mask? Count me in! You can pick up this beauty over on for $15.

15. Witness How Video Game Marketing Has Evolved

"Crash Bandicoot, from Sony Interactive, mate!" *face palm*

16. Want Some Crash Fan Art? Of Course You Do!






17. See The Greatest Reaction To Crash Bandicoot At E3

I love that excitement. Why? BECAUSE I FELT IT TOO!!! *cries*

18. Crashingly Good Cosplay






19. Watch Crash Bandicoot In Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 has an impressive list of features and YouTube user Anisotropic decided to show them off by building an unofficial Crash Bandicoot game in the engine. It's stunning.

20. See The Opening For The Cut Crash Bandicoot Cartoon, Complete With Terrible Jingle

Terrible, terrible jingle.

With this celebration complete, we'd love to hear what Crash Bandicoot means to you in the comments below! Let loose your nostalgic joy.

What does Crash mean to you?


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