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With the likes of getting his own grizzly voice—I personally prefer Danny DeVito's version—and serenading us with his lofty tones—it's actually just Justin Long from DodgeBall—this is the age that beloved 90s characters found their voice. I can't wait to see what they do with Zel—LINK, I meant Link...

But the latest addition to the newly-vocalized-family, which is now a catchily labelled thing, is none other than our dear Crash Bandicoot. The days of this strange animal simply shouting "WOW" and "Waaaaa" are over, and the voice they've given him is... interesting.

Crash Bandicoot Speaks And We Don't Know How To Feel About It

Yeah.. so... hmm.

He's Australian, but I guess we figured that'd happen anyway, what with bandicoots being indigenous to this part of the world (the only thing Naughty Dog actually got right in their representation).

In case you didn't know, Crash was actually voiced in a trailer for Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, but I suppose it was never exactly "canon", so to speak— he's never spoken in the actual games.

So, first and foremost, what have fans said about this new voice?

So, yeah, some aren't very happy with the way he's been represented. Understandable. We're all reluctant to change, especially when it comes to our childhood delights. However, some are pretty happy with the new developments!

Though I haven't really formed an opinion just yet (it's still pretty weird to hear this guy talk), I consider myself a part of the group that conclude, "It could have been a lot worse."

A LOT worse.

What do you make of Crash's new voice?


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