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First and foremost, for games like and Pokémon Go, I am a firm believer that you can beat anything with just your favorite respective Yo-Kai or . That being said, there are always some better characters than others — but what are the best Yo-Kai to use in Yo-Kai Watch 2? Well, let's dive on in and find out!

Physical Attackers

These guys deal out fantastic damage quickly, yet they don't exactly have the lasting ability to survive alone in battle.

  • Shogunyan: This Yo-Kai may be easy to get, but don't let that deceive you. Using the Vampiric Fang on this guy will easily give you a solid health boost, as each hit restores health and he hits three times.
  • Snartle: Much like Shogunyan, Snartle also does multiple hits, which helps him heal even more with the Vampiric Fang. While he's not as strong as Shogunyan, he is still a powerhouse, and using both these bad boys in the same line gives you a nice power boost, too.

Special Attackers

These guys are great for dealing heavy damage with their Soultimate Moves, and can be incredibly useful in end-game and post-game battles.

  • Tengu/Flengu: These guys go together like bread and butter, or like Han Solo and Chewie. Not only do they have fantastic Soultimate moves, but they can also both use the Tengu fan item, which boosts Speed and Spirit by a whopping 100 points — boosting them to among the best Yo-Kai in the game. You don't need to put both on your team, but the Spirit boost is always a nice bonus when you use both these attackers.
  • Komashura: A little more difficult to get than Jibanyan, but a legend none the less. With the highest base spirit in the game, it's no wonder why this powerful Yo-Kai is a must-have for any team.


Yo-Kai are strong, especially at the end-game and post-game points, but in order to deal hits you need to take hits, and that's where these guys come in. They help you dish out attack after attack, and last long against the best of the best.

  • Goldenyan: Hard to get compared to a lot of other Yo-Kai on the list, but this guy offers fantastic team support and enough longevity to survive throughout most battles. With a Soultimate that boosts the stats of all Yo-Kai on your team, this buddy is a must that can make a positive affect on every battle you participate in.
  • Castelius Max: Similar to Goldenyan, his Inspirit increases the stats of all Yo-Kai on your team, and his Soultimate increases defense and draws in enemy attacks. This can be incredibly useful, but can also hurt this guy's longevity. But pair this Yo-Kai with a solid healer and you can last for days!


If you want to just go in and wreck stuff up, these are the Yo-Kai to pick. While they don't have as high of attack as our Physical/Special Attackers, they have a substantial amount of defense and health that lets them last a while while still doing awesome damage.

  • Cruncha: Probably one of my favorite Yo-Kai, his skill prevents other Yo-Kai from loafing, and with a solid inspirit and soultimate, this guy is great - and even better with Shogunyan or Snartle (or both!) for a tough bonus!
  • Hornaplenty: A rare Yo-Kai, but one with absolutely insane stats, he has a high enough defense to be in the defenders category, but his strength is out of the park, making him one of my favorite Yo-Kai. All-in-all? USE IT!


You can't have a solid team without them, but you can't have a solid team with only them (well you can but it's incredibly difficult).

  • Auntie Heart: Fantastic healer, you can pair this one with a Fiend or Meteor badge and heal really quickly, making this an incredibly useful and fantastic Yo-Kai to have on your team.
  • Dandoodle: A Legendary Yo-Kai with the popularity skill, which can be incredibly useful in befriending foes. One of my favorite team healers with good stats, he's definitely one to be considered for the best teams.

What's you guys' top team in Yo-Kai Watch 2? Let us know in the comments!


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