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Pokémon GO has been on life support since their player exodus over this past Fall, but is keeping up their train of new features. While data mining sparked rumors about daily quests, we now have official confirmation.

Their upcoming patch will introduce daily bonuses that you can get by playing more consistently. Not only only do you get bonuses for doing activities each day, but an additional bonus for completing tasks every day for a full week.

Daily bonus for catching a Pokémon
Daily bonus for catching a Pokémon

Among the bonuses are catching Pokémon and visiting Pokéstops:

  • Catching a Pokémon every day: 500 XP and 600 Stardust
  • Catching a Pokémon every day for a week: 2,000 XP and 2,400 Stardust
  • Visiting a PokéStop every day: 500 XP and additional items
  • Visiting a PokéStop every day for a week: 2,000 XP and a lot of additional items

The bonuses reset every midnight during your local time, so if you catch something Friday night at 10:00pm, you'll be able to get the same bonus again at 1:00am Saturday.

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This is slightly different from what we've seen in World of Warcraft or other MMOs, so make sure to take advantage of that during your late night Poké outings.


Will daily quests bring you back to Pokémon Go?


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