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Beating a Dark Souls game simply isn't enough anymore; there need to be additional external challenges.

In their quest for MOAR DIFFICULTY players have resorted to using Donkey Konga's Bongo Drums, playing upside down, or never rolling, dodging or leveling up throughout the entire campaign of Dark Souls 3.

But Celestrian Games wasn't satisfied with these accomplishments. He wanted more. So he decided to take on the entirety of FromSoftware's latest masterpiece...with his feet.

Use The Feet, Bro

So this is a thing now.

If you head over to Celestrian's channel you can check out a video that shows how the board works and validates the entire video series. Though I think it's potentially even crazier to think that someone would make this up.

Talking about getting a leg up on the competition, huh?

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Have any gaming accomplishments you can boast about?


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