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In the weird and wonderful depths of internet fanart, the most fevered creative minds of our generation work overtime to give us twisted visions of the classic video game characters that sparked our childhood imaginations. Here are some of our favorite interpretations of the world of Super Mario Bros.

Bruiser Mario

Our beefed-up Mario lounges with a sexy, tattooed bard-girl Princess Peach. Sure he looks tough, but clearly he skips leg day at the gym.

Sidekick Vore

I'm not sure whether this is supposed to be some light-hearted fun between friends, or something more fetish-y. Beefcake Yoshi, however, definitely does not skip leg day.

Mario 4 Dead

Not kidding, I would play the heck out of this. Poor Luigi!

Gangsta Bowser

Here's Bowser illin' like a real villain. Straight outta tha Mushroom Kingdom.

Well, she does get kidnapped an awful lot

Oooh, snap! That's going to take some explaining.

Sick Ink, Princess

Mario's sleeves are pretty rad actually.

Professional Respect

They've spent over 2 decades as platforming rivals, don't tell me Mario wouldn't shed a tear.

I, uh, um...

Man, I don't know. Pick your favorite. The faces? The gore? The boomerang? The crotch?

Dr. Mario

More like Dr. Feelgood.

You can't unsee

And in this portrait, I think it's quite apparent that Mario has seen some horrors, man.

In the game, they look kind of cute

Yep. DEFINITELY a bad mushroom.

Found any other bizarre takes on the Mushroom Kingdom? Let us know!


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