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has far outdone themselves through the first half of 2017 with the and brilliant marketing and a strategic plan to bring legions of gamers over to their consoles with incredible exclusive games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted. Sony hopes to continue that trend with Days Gone, the newest iteration on the zombie horror genre.

is an open-world survival horror that follows Deacon St. John as he travels across the wilderness, choosing to live a life outside of the survivor encampments. Deacon looks to face hordes of zombie-like creatures, called freakers, as he drifts across the open road after the global pandemic that nearly killed all of humanity, only leaving a few sparse survivors and millions of other freakers.

The game was teased at 2016 with a stage demo, and will renew the zombie-survival genre with a unique open-world environment that allows players to choose how they want to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Players can utilize stealth, crafting, hand-to-hand and ranged weapons in their attempt to survive.

'Days Gone' Will Implement A Dynamic Evolving Environment

One of the most unique systems to be incorporated into Days Gone, is the dynamic day-night cycle that affects how the freakers act. During the day they are slower and weaker, but at night they are faster and aggressive, making your decisions in-game all the more important so that you aren't left out in the open for too long during the night cycle.

It's More Than Just Surviving The Zombies

Days Gone is going to be about more than just surviving the zombie horde, there's a major portion of the game that revolves around just surviving against the rest of humanity. With the various factions of survivors that are spread across the wilderness that Deacon will need to evade, distract and fight.

Plus, it's also about surviving zombie bears.

Days Gone is going to absolutely take everything that you know about zombies, and tell an incredible story that is engaging, beautiful and truly terrifying.

Days Gone will be available exclusively on PlayStation and is expected to release in 2018.


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