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The Christmas-themed fourth installment in Capcom's open-world survival horror series is bringing cheer to all that play it, especially with its christmassy Combo Weapons.

Those playing (an exclusive title) might be having some trouble finding all the Blueprints in the game, which list the components needed to make devastating Combo Weapons. And Dead Rising isn't Dead Rising without its these ludicrously over-the-top zombie-slaying devices. So look no further for...

All Combo Weapons & All Blueprint Locations in Dead Rising 4:

Note: The Components are always one specific part, and one [general] part. This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

Blast From The Past:

  • Blueprints: Prologue Mission - lying on top of the crate in a hallway of the military facility. You're shown where it is with a yellow objective marker.
  • Components: Sledgehammer + [Explosives]

Froztee Penguin:

  • Blueprints: Beginning of first mission - In a cage at Froztee's Frozen Yoghurt shop. You'll need a key from the circular bar near The Thirsty Amazon.
  • Components: Penguin Mask + [Chemicals]


  • Blueprints: Complete Case 1.
  • Components: Baseball Bat + [Bladed Weapon]

Acid Maul:

  • Blueprints: On the counter in Medieval Town Museum, left of the entrance of Medieval Town.
  • Components: Maul + [Chemicals]

Electric Wreath:

  • Blueprints: The locker in the back room of El Mode Design in Miami Boardwalk.
  • Components: Wreath + [Electronics]

Laser Sword:

  • Blueprints: In Charms Of Desire on the second floor between Caribbean Cove and Miami Boardwalk.
  • Components: Gems + [Electronics]

Santa Trap:

  • Blueprints: In North Pole Town Square Workshop get the key from Santa's chair, use your camera's Spectrum Analyzer on the bookcase then find it in the Zom-B panic room which opens.
  • Components: Singing Santa + [Chemicals]

Flaming Sword:

  • Blueprints: Use Spectrum Analyzer on the ground by the modern structure in Old Town Park (top left) to find dig site, use Exo-Suit from gazebo nearby and dig.
  • Components: Gasoline Canister + [Bladed Weapon]

Flaming Helmet:

  • Blueprints: On the counter in Toy Rex shop between Amazon Food Court and Medieval Town.
  • Components: Triceratops Mask + [Chemicals]

Slicing Beauty:

  • Blueprints: After beating the Obscuri soldiers in Case 1, find a key in the nearby tent, use it on the quarantine room (with keypad), find it in the locker at the back.
  • Components: Propane Tank + [Bladed Weapon]

Roaring Thunder:

  • Blueprints: On the counter of Tetro's Comics & Collectibles in Old Town
  • Components: Blanka Mask + [Electronics]

Roto Killer:

  • Blueprints: Old Town Park near the picnic tables by the toilets.
  • Components: Grass Trimmer + [Bladed Weapon]

Floating Lantern:

  • Blueprints: On the counter in Oh-San's Sun & Moon Sushi in Kiichiro Plaza.
  • Components: Lantern + [Explosives]

Ice Sword:

  • Blueprints: Kitchen counter in the apartment above Dodd's Drugs
  • Components: Liquid Nitrogen + [Bladed Weapon]

Holiday Junk:

  • Blueprints: After you get the mission telling you to go to the Christmas Tree place at the bottom of Old Town, go inside the tree area and find it on Santa's chair.
  • Components: Shopping Valuable + [Toys]

Bon Bomb:

  • Blueprints: On a table in the nearby room as you first arrive at West Ridge in the storyline.
  • Components: Holiday Cracker + [Explosive]

Glass Knuckles:

  • Blueprints: Purchase for $6000 from Weapon Vendor in the Emergency Shelter.
  • Components: Tree Topper + [Gloves]

Magic Wand:

  • Blueprints: Living room in the Brieder house, south-east in West Ridge Emergency Shelter.
  • Components: Wand + [Chemicals]


  • Blueprints: Get the key from the main bedroom of the Gardeners' house in east West Ridge then open the locker by the gnome in the house.
  • Components: Lawn Ornament + [Long Melee Weapon]

Back Cracker:

  • Blueprints: On the low desk near the front in Nickolls Ink in North Peak.
  • Components: Toy Drummer + [Mechanical Parts]

Sledge Saw:

  • Blueprints: Use Spectrum Analyzer on the ground by Willamette Jr. High School, then use the Exo-Suit near the south of the school to dig it up.
  • Components: Cement Saw + [Blunt Weapon]

Sentry Kittens:

  • Blueprints: Use Spectrum Analyzer on the ground after the dam toward North Peak, then use the Exo-Suit near the trucks to dig it up.
  • Components: LCD Monitor + [Toys]

Jurassic Barf:

  • Blueprints: By the TV in the room below the stairs at The Peaks Motel (North Peak).
  • Components: T-Rex Mask + [Chemicals]

Deck The Halls:

  • Blueprints: After you've been to the sewer system in the main story, go to Mountain Ridge Estate (West Ridge), find the Jox house and find it on the kitchen counter.
  • Components: Holiday Bell + [Gloves]

Tripod Zapper:

  • Blueprints: Complete Case 5
  • Components: Tripod + [Laptop]
[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]


  • Blueprints: Behind the counter of Virago Hotel in Amazon Food Court
  • Components: Crossbow + [Explosives]

Umbrella Gun:

  • Blueprints: Use Spectrum Analyzer on the wall by the ground floor elevators in Virago Hotel. To get the key go to the women's bathroom outside and it's on the floor near the far side.
  • Components: Umbrella + [Electronics]

Ornament Gun:

  • Blueprints: On the counter in Mad Love Trees by Medieval Town.
  • Components: T-Shirt Launcher + [Toys]

Fish Launcher:

  • Blueprints: Get the locker key from the second floor of the yellow tower behind the desk, then open locker in Pirate's Catch Restaurant.
  • Components: Swordfish + [Bow and Arrow]

Raining Nails:

  • Blueprints: Get the key from behind the dumpster in the lot one building down from Big Buck Hardware, then open the back locker inside the hardware store.
  • Components: Flare Gun + [Mechanical Parts]

Holey Terror:

  • Blueprints: In the kitchen on the second floor of the Fire Hall in Old Town.
  • Components: Computer + [Gun]

Split Shot:

  • Blueprints: Use Spectrum Analyzer on the ground behind the sandbags near Willamette City Hall Archives, then use the nearby Exo-Suit to dig it up.
  • Components: Lead Pipe + [Gun]

Nut Blaster:

  • Blueprints: Get the key from the garage in West Ridge Emergency Shelter, go to the Patriot's house in the west, go down the trapdoor in the backyard to get to the panic room.
  • Components: Nutcracker + [Ranged Weapon]

Ice Chain Gun:

  • Blueprints: On the kitchen counter in the Quizeens' house in south-east West Ridge.
  • Components: Snow Cone Maker + [Electronics]

Hit Maker:

  • Blueprints: Next to the front door inside the Muzarks' house in south-east West Ridge.
  • Components: Turntable + [Electronics]

Laser Splicer:

  • Blueprints: Buy for $6000 from Weapon Vendor at the Emergency Shelter in North Peak.
  • Components: Microscope + [Gun]

Ion Cannon:

  • Blueprints: On the counter in Gruff 'n Tuff Motors by the Emergency Shelter in North Peak.
  • Components: Battery + [Ranged Weapon]

Bazooka Cannon:

  • Blueprints: Complete Case 4
  • Components: Toy Cannon + [Chemicals]

Acid Rain:

  • Blueprints: On the third floor in the construction site in North Peak, go past the Vacuum Upgrade and break the wall on your right.
  • Components: Flare Gun + [Chemicals]
[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

Plunger Lure:

  • Blueprints: Buy for $6000 from Weapon Vendor at the Emergency Shelter in Willamette Memorial Megaplex.
  • Components: Plunger + [Computer]

Soundwave Trap:

  • Blueprints: On the counter in the WLD Country Radio building north of North Peak Emergency Shelter.
  • Components: Gong + [Computer]

Chuck 'n Chop:

  • Blueprints: Buy for $6000 from the Weapon Vendor at the Emergency Shelter in Old Town.
  • Components: Hatchet + [Bladed Weapon]

Sticky Bomb:

  • Blueprints: Get the key on the table from the garage area of McKenzie Auto in east North Peak, use keypad in the back room to open the panic room, get the locker key from the room then open the locker upstairs.
  • Components: Scissors + [Explosive]

Suckmaster 3000:

  • Blueprints: Get the keys from the garage of the Mekanicks' house south-east of West Ridge Emergency Shelter, then open the trapdoor in their shed to find the panic room.
  • Components: Vacuum + [Mechanical Parts]

DIY Grenade:

  • Blueprints: On the bar in Shanky's Pool Hall in north-west North Peak.
  • Components: Martini Shaker + [Chemicals]


  • Blueprints: Complete Case 3
  • Components: Hunk of Meat + [Explosive]
[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]


  • Blueprints: Acquired in Case 2 as part of the story.
  • Components: ATV + Military OVR


  • Blueprints: Go to the go-kart track in Miami Boardwalk, race the go-kart to beat the challenge then enter the cage in the middle to find it.
  • Components: Go-Kart + Shopping Cart

Sling Rot:

  • Blueprints: On the steps at the side of the church south of Old Town.
  • Components: Hearse + Tow Truck


  • Blueprints: On the counter in Ye Olde Toy Box in Medieval Town.
  • Components: Mower + Kids Bike

Bogey Monster:

  • Blueprints: On the counter of Homerunners in Caribbean Cove.
  • Components: Balancer + Golf Cart

Cryonic Commando:

  • Blueprints: In the barn with Christmas decorations on it in north of West Ridge
  • Components: Antique Car + Snowmobile

Creep Fryer:

  • Blueprints: Get the key from the back stairs of Glitter Dolls Nightclub (North Peak), then go to the downstairs bathrooms, unlock the panic room and find it there.
  • Components: Food Truck + Enduro Bike

Tread Maker:

  • Blueprints: In Case 5 when you go back to Hudson's Dairy Farm, go to the upstairs bedroom in Tom's house, open the closet and use Spectrum Analyzer, collect the keys from the revealed room, then open the house's garage to find it.
  • Components: Tractor + Wheelchair

Do you have a favorite Combo Weapon or Vehicle? Tell me in the comments below!

[Credit: Gameranx, Prima Games]


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