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Hideo Kojima's unceremonious split form Konami is something that—much like his project—still haunts my nightmares. For many fans of (myself included), the cancellation of the creative partnership seemed to mark the end of an era in survival horror. Fortunately for us, it didn't take long after the split for Hideo Kojima to start producing some magic of his own.

At this year's E3, we were gifted an awesome trailer for his latest game, Death Stranding starring 's Norman Reedus. Reedus was also slated to star in the Silent Hill reboot Silent Hills, but creative differences left us with only the playable teaser, P.T., to show for it.

Death Stranding: Hideo Kojima Returns to The Game Awards

After having been banned from attending the Game Awards in 2015 by Konami, Kojima is not only set to return to the ceremony this year, but he'll also be receiving the Industry Icon Award according to the award show's organizer and host, Geoffrey Keighley. Talk about coming back with a vengeance!

While news about Death Stranding has been sparse since the E3 announcement, a "clue" found in a recent video about the 2016 Game Awards has Kojima fans pretty excited for December 1st. In a fan uploaded video on, we see a TGA teaser excerpt announcing Kojima's award:

Notice the song? It's called 'Half Asleep' by Low Roar—the same band that did 'I'll Keep Coming', the song used in the E3 trailer for Death Stranding:

Coincidence? Possibly. However, a tweet from the band posted back in September of this year seems to indicate otherwise:

Nothing game related, guys? Hard to believe with Kojima in the mix and even harder to believe after the band's own Ryan Karazijah went on record back in August for an interview with YongYea claiming that he even knows the release date for the game! Peep the section from 39:47 on in the video below:

Hints toward the band's deep involvement with the development leave this Kojima fan thinking that we may have a sweet surprise in store for us come showtime next month. A new trailer? Or maybe even, dare I say it... gameplay footage? I guess we'll find out!

The 2016 Game Awards are set to stream live on December 1st from 9/8c and can be watched from nearly every device.

Do you think Death Stranding will be walking the plankton at The Game Awards?

Source: [Reddit]


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