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Creative works like video games, movies, books and works of art all take inspiration from events or stories that happen in real life. , a horror survival game that has you traversing Hell, also takes inspiration from various accounts of demonic possession.

There have been many reports of people being claimed or possessed by demons. Below we are going to talk about a few alarming cases.

David Glatzel & Arne Johnson

David Glatzel, an 11-year old boy, claimed to be visited by demons that looked both like beasts and humans. These demons would threaten him and even attack him, leaving physical bruises. His family members witnessed strange occurrences around the boy, as if he was being pushed or spoken too while no one was around him. All of this started after his family rented a new home — so it was thought that the new home may be full of demonic presences.

The family called for a priest to perform a cleansing, but things only got worse. Glatzel began convulsing, levitating, and speaking in strange languages. He even began rapidly gaining weight. Unsure of what to do, the family continue to have regular exorcisms, which revealed numerous demons possessing him — however they did not fix the problem.

Arne Johnson, David’s sister’s fiancé, taunted the demons who possessed David, telling them to leave David alone and instead harm Arne so that the young boy would not suffer. Soon, he too began to suffer from strange trances and claimed to be seeing demons.

He later crashed his car into a tree and alleged that demons had taken control of his vehicle. He also got into an argument with his landlord and stabbed him to death — claiming he remembered none of it and that he was possessed by demons. Arne even used this as a legal defense for the murder case he was on trial for.

Latoya Ammons

Latoya Ammons, mother of three, claimed her home was a portal to hell with demons freely interfering with her families lives. Latoya claimed her children were possessed by demons and her home had several of them constantly lurking — causing the furniture to move or leak mysterious oil that harmed her children.

She stated her children were cut, thrown against walls, and felt unexplained pain, especially when praying or practicing religion. Her three children were also reported to have had demons inside of them, supposedly growling and walking up walls, but not remembering anything of the occurrence after the fact. Sometimes the children’s noses and gums would even start to bleed.

Because of this harm to her children, as well as missed time in school and rumors of demons haunting them, CPS and police were called to investigate. Many of the police officers and CPS officers involved said they saw these demonic presences, and reported similar ongoings while they investigated the home. Many pictures and recordings were taken of strange occurrences in the house — most of which disappeared shortly after being viewed. In the viewed pictures there were other figures that could not be seen by the naked eye as well as strange voices in the recordings.

A priest was later involved in the case and stated that the mother seemed to be the one who was cursed, as all of the ongoings surrounded her even when she moved home. He was supposedly able to close the portal to hell and relieve the mother of her curse.

Peru School haunting

An entire school in Peru was reputed to be haunted by demons. Children who attend a school, reportedly built on a Mafia graveyard, have been experiencing strange occurrences. Many of them were been reported as fainting, screaming randomly, and spitting during the school day. Things get a bit stranger from there, however.

Children aged 11 to 14 have been reporting seeing the same visions of figures chasing them and strangling them. The children all experience shortness of breath when this happens. Sometimes groups of them faint at the same time and begin to vomit.

All of the children who have been affected — nearly 80 of them — have reported very similar stories. It is rumored that some of the children have been using Ouija boards to connect with the demons that are haunting the school.

With the many cases of people being possessed by demons in the real world, it almost makes sense for people to be able to possess weak demons and other people in Hell. If these stories were of interest to you, or if you are looking for something much more creepy, give Agony a look and experience all of the terrifying demons right in their own living hell.


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