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Between being formally investigated for advertising fraud and the game's sub-reddit shutting down amidst drama and toxic posts, has had a really tough time since launch, and its future is still uncertain.

What must it be like to work for Hello Games during this time, and does No Man's Sky really deserve the backlash and terrible reviews it's attracted? While we haven't heard much from within the office of HG since the game released, it seems that a member of staff has left the small indie team for alternative (better?) prospects.

Developer For No Man's Sky Joins The Star Citizen Team

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Discovered by iDigital Times, Gareth Bourn, the designer for No Man's Sky, has packed up his stuff and moved on to Foundry 42 to work as a campaign developer. Foundry are currently working on the immensely impressive , a game that has frequently drawn the attention of gamers and the media for its unbelievable budget, most of which has come from crowdfunding.

While it's not unusual for game developers to move on from projects once they've been released, Bourn has been an integral part of Hello Games for almost six years. And, of course, the irony of him moving from one space game to another has not been lost on game developers, some of which were pretty sassy in their reactions:

A bit unreasonable there, Derek.

But I suppose people have latched on to this story for two main reasons: one being that No Man's Sky, while commercially successful, has been panned as one of the greatest disappointments of the 2016 gaming calendar; and two, that he left without a word. Game developers generally make their moves from one developer to another known on social media, though of course it's not always the case and by no means a pre-requisite.

Gamers are disappointed that Bourn departed Hello Games without informing fans of what the future holds for No Man's Sky. Understandable. They also want to know if he left the company because of the studio's unfavorable reputation. Not so understandable. I mean, that's not really his obligation at all. But these voices represent the minority. Most of those who've commented on his departure are curious to know how this impacts his latest game.

The story of No Man's Sky is a messy one. The lack of communication from Hello Games since launch has left people dismayed, disappointed and angry. This space game is most certainly not what we thought it would be, and there are firms looking into that aspect of No Man's Sky's sales pitch. But does Gareth Bourn's departure from Hello Games have anything to do with that? Or did he simply receive a better job opportunity to work on a massive game that really spoke to him? I suppose it's none of our business, but a statement from Hello Games regarding the No Man's Sky debacle would be interesting to read nonetheless...

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John Travolta knows what it's like to play No Man's Sky:

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