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Pumped for Destiny 2? Apparently, Bungie is. They're so pumped, you can now pre-order the upcoming Destiny sequel inside Destiny 1 after booting up the original game. Yeah, don't you just love the future?

You know what Bungie, I think I'll just buy both. Photo via Kotaku.
You know what Bungie, I think I'll just buy both. Photo via Kotaku.

"Destiny, a three-year pre-order bonus for Destiny 2, is pretty open about its intentions these days," Kotaku's Jason Schreier quips.

The message, which pops up immediately after logging in, explains the differences between the standard edition and the "digital deluxe edition." Although both give players an invite to the early access beta later this year, the digital deluxe edition includes "Expansions I & II" as well as such premium DLC as a "Legendary Sword," "Legendary Player Emote," and "Cabal Themed Emblem." Players can either pre-order the standard edition or the digital deluxe edition straight from inside Destiny.

Why It Matters

This should come as no surprise, of course. Earlier this week, we reported on a leaked GameStop report that revealed a ton of upcoming plans for Destiny 2's release in 2017. It's clear Bungie wants Destiny 2 to have plenty of content, which explains why they're throwing the first two expansion packs into the deluxe edition. But there's more to the story at hand.

The pre-order advert -- as well as the Destiny 2 announcement -- came at the perfect moment. The "Age of Triumph" event banked on nostalgia to bring old Destiny fans back into the game once more. And what better way to reintroduce them back into the world than with a reminder that Destiny 2 is on its way? For some, that might have been the first time they realized that Destiny 2 is on the way.

Of course, this also begs another question: do we really need Bungie to market Destiny 2 so aggressively? While most players are excited for the game, it's still months away. The whole entire gaming community knows very little about the game, to the point where we don't know how it plays or what content will feature in the Winter and Spring expansions. Bungie, we're excited too, but you guys gotta chill out about this.

"Seriously guys, just like chill out, I already bought three copies."
"Seriously guys, just like chill out, I already bought three copies."

And for good reason. Pre-orders are a touchy subject for many players; they come off as a preemptive reward just for announcing a game and showing off some cool gameplay footage. After such nightmares as Aliens: Colonial Marines and Mass Effect: Andromeda, it leaves a particularly bad taste in gamers' mouths when publishers push a pre-order months in advance. Give us some time to process what the game will be like, please.

On some level, it's definitely is funny that Destiny 1 features an ad for its new-and-improved sister, Destiny 2. And it's not exactly terrible that Destiny 1 is advertising for the upcoming game. But for players that need an escape from the world, it's upsetting to boot up Destiny and have your immersion broken by a Destiny 2 advertisement. Sometimes, the last thing we want to think about is buying things, managing our finances, or just imaging slapping down a $59.99+ purchase for a game. Sometimes, we just want to play.

What's worse, this marketing strategy could grow in the years ahead. If Bungie later cites their pre-order ad as a source of high sales, well, other publishers may take note. Imagine booting up Grand Theft Auto V and seeing an advertisement for Red Dead Redemption 2 plastered everywhere. No thanks.

Granted, this whole ad is an interesting idea on Bungie's part, and we're always down for innovation. But just because you can use your first game to advertise doesn't mean you should use your first game to advertise.


Are you going to pre-order Destiny 2?


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