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Destiny 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the fantasy-futuristic run and gun online FPS . Since its original tentative release date in late 2016 was pushed back, fans have been clamoring for new information on the massive sequel, which will reportedly overhaul the gameplay of the series in a substantial way.

Here at Now Loading, we'll be bringing you the latest news, rumors and leaks on this massively anticipated title for the , and as they come in. So check back often to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest info for !

Destiny 2: Everything We Know

Updated: 11/23/2016:

Though we don't know much about Destiny 2 at this time, here's everything that we know about the sequel!

Destiny 2 Background: A Rocky Start & Some Backstage Drama For Bungie And Destiny

From the moment that and first signed their contract together for the series, they set out a meticulously planned path for the game's launch, sequels and expansions. Unfortunately, the Destiny car almost immediately careened off into the murky swamp of delays, rewrites and internal conflict, which delayed the original game's launch for a year.

Upon release, it was obvious to many fans and reviewers that the backstage conflicts had taken their toll, especially the loss of veteran lead writer Joseph Staten, which left the single-player campaign and story feeling underwritten and directionless. It was only with the release of The Taken King expansion, a year after the game's launch, that Destiny found its feet.

Perhaps this is why fans and reviewers began to worry when the release date of Destiny 2 was shifted back a year before the game was even announced. Is this a sign of more difficulties behind the scenes? Or simply a company taking the time to polish an ambitious sequel to perfection?

Destiny 2 Coming To PC: Specs & Cross Platform Play

  • The biggest news first: Destiny 2 will finally be bringing the series to the PC. In a major info-dump from by an Activision insider, it was revealed that an internal presentation within the company confirmed PC support for the game.
  • Specs: We don't know yet what specs the new game will require, but with the gorgeous graphics of the original and the rumors of an even bigger world, expect high requirements.
  • Cross Play: There's no news or confirmation at this time as to whether cross platform play will finally be available in Destiny 2.
  • PS3 & Xbox 360: The PS4 and Xbox One are confirmed, but support for the and is extremely unlikely after the Rise of Iron expansion dropped support for both platforms.

Destiny 2 Release Date

  • The game's release was originally rumored for September 2016, but development delays led to the release date being pushed back to late 2017. If the game follows the Destiny publishing calendar, we're probably looking at a September release.
  • On the 9th of February, Activision confirmed in a slideshow attached to their earnings call that Destiny 2 would be released in 2017. If Bungie fails to make their 2017 deadline, a chunk of their stock will go to Activision, due to failure to uphold contact deadlines.
  • Leaked promotional materials from an Italian retailer featured a release date of 8th September, 2017. It's unknown whether this is a worldwide release date or a European release date.
Destiny: Rise of Iron
Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny 2 Gameplay, Changes & Mechanics

  • Destiny 2 is set to be a major gameplay change from the first game. One inside source claimed “D2 is a completely different game,” going on to compare the new game with The Taken King: “The Taken King was a reboot for Destiny 1 to fix small things. This is the overhaul to fix big things.”
  • Sources close to Bungie have likened the gameplay improvements and new mechanics to the difference between Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, which hints at huge changes and added depth to the skill and class system.
  • Inside sources claim that part of the gameplay overhaul will involve creating a more open and immersive world. A major goal is to remove the need for menu navigation to enter play spaces, as well as reducing the amount of hard borders between areas—an open world reminiscent of games like .
  • They also reportedly aim to create more social common areas, such as towns and outposts. According to one source, "[The] goal is to have players conducting things & making activity decisions while still in control of their character, instead of having to exit out into an activity hub." The source went on to compare this to World of Warcraft's system, which allows players to queue for activities while remaining in control of their character and undertaking other activities.

Destiny 2 Story So Far

  • Leaks have claimed the full title of the game will be Destiny 2: The Shattered Suns.
  • The biggest story rumor so far involves the planet Saturn, which will be a major area in the new game. Sources have claimed that the planet's total playable area will be larger than every area in the original Destiny.
  • While many characters will be left behind, The Cabal are set to return as major antagonists in Destiny 2's story. Sources have tentatively linked them to the focus on Saturn, perhaps due to an invasion by the brutal Blind Legion?
  • Another rumor concerns the cut Mars content from the Rise of Iron expansion. Many people believe that the content on the red planet was cut at the last minute to be included in Destiny 2. This lends support to the rumors that The Cabal will play a major role, as the group are based on Mars.
  • Fan theories have begun to crop up about the place of Osiris in the new game. Osiris was supposed to be a major player in the story of Destiny, but was cut from the game due to major rewrites late in development. Originally, the character was an elusive mentor type figure that the player would search out over the course of the game, but now the character only exists in brief mentions and allusions.
  • Leaked promotional materials feature three helmet-less figures wielding guns, hinting that there may be new flagship characters added to the story of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Planets & Locations

  • The biggest rumor so far involving planets relates to Saturn, which is set to be a major area in the new game. Sources have claimed that the planet's total playable area will be larger than every area in the original Destiny, with tons of separate locations.
  • Mars is also a big possibility, due to the large swathes of content set on the planet that was cut at the last minute from Rise of Iron.
  • Though Osiris was cut from the game, he remains in the lore of the Destiny universe, and descriptions of Osiris mention that he was exiled to Mercury, suggesting that if he does play a major role in the story, Mercury is a likely candidate.
  • Leaked concept art has shown images of what appears to be Earth in flames, suggesting big changes for the blue planet in the sequel.

Destiny 2 Trailer

  • No trailer yet, but keep an eye on this spot. Hopefully it'll be as mind blowing as the recent Rise of Iron trailer:

Destiny 2 Expansion Packs & DLC

  • Despite the success of the Rise of Iron expansion, statements made by Bungie, supported by leaks, suggest that the developer will be moving away from large scale DLC expansions in the future, focusing instead on smaller updates such as new individual missions, items and cosmetic add-ons.

Destiny 2 Difficulty

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