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Without warning or explanation, Destiny's microtransaction currency, Silver, was suddenly available for purchase on the PC gaming store Steam. Unfortunately, the Silver was removed soon after and refunds were immediately issued to gamers, but why were the mictotransactions on in the first place?

community manager David "Deej" Dague took to Twitter to explain the situation. He stated that Destiny's in-game currency being available on Steam was simply an error, adding that Valve will be handling the refunds and then apologizing for any confusion. Unfortunately, this didn't really explain why Silver was available on Steam and this ultimately left a hole in the hearts of many PC gamers.

Many thought that since the game's main currency was available for purchase on Steam, both Destiny and its upcoming sequel were potentially coming to Steam as well. Unfortunately, Dague took to Twitter again to skewer the rumors once more, stating that they were associated with Blizzard and there are no current plans to make available anywhere else on PC.

Due to the partnership with , Destiny 2 will be made available only on, the same online service that offers other favorites like Overwatch and World of Warcraft. Bungie will be holding a PC beta on August 28 to people who pre-ordered the game and on August 29 for everyone else up until August 31. The beta will feature changes based on the feedback from the earlier console beta.

When Nividia introduced the new 4K open beta trailer, they boasted about the experience players will receive during the beta, including uncapped framerates and adjustable graphics settings.

"In terms of the PC beta experience, you'll be able to play the beta in stunning 4K, with uncapped framerates, a full suite of adjustable graphics settings, full keyboard and mouse support, and 21:9 monitor support"

They continued by stating that players will be able to play the game's opening campaign mission, as well as multiplayer maps, including one that has never been seen before by the public.

"When you jump into the PC beta, you'll be able to play Destiny 2's opening campaign story mission 'Homecoming'; the team-based co-op Strike the 'Inverted Spire'; as well as competitive multiplayer with two different maps, including the never-before-seen Javelin-4 map."

Destiny 2 will be released on September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One. The official release for will follow on October 24.


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