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The Destiny 2 Leviathan raid is finally upon us, ushering in a new era of gearing up, collecting unique armor sets, and finding legendary weapons that lay in wait. This new bit of content will serve as the first raid for our fourth year of Destiny, allowing us to become acquinted with a new era, a new story, and foes we have yet to encounter.

To prepare for it you have quite possibly been levelling up to 20 as quickly as you can, and farming as much as gear as your inventory can hold in order to take on the greatest foes. If you are sitting at the proper light levels through countless hours and days of grinding, you may just be ready to throw out a few hammers, summon a few bolts of lightning, and even call upon your bow in order to lure your enemies into your deadly traps.

Now that your light level has exceeded the Power Level of 260, it seems you may be in the right spot in order to take on the Leviathan. While preparing, it's worth noting that the raid may have a few requirements, so let's take a peek at them and see what you will need to do in order to prepare for Destiny 2's first raid.

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Bungie Has Announced the Required Power Levels Will be Between 260-280

In order to do the Leviathan raid, you will need to find yourself between the light levels 260 and 280. While this is only a suggested area of where the Power Level will be it's best to assume you will need to find a middle ground.

[Credits: Bungie]
[Credits: Bungie]

How To Easily Reach The 260-280 Power Level Requirement

By now, some of you have undoubtedly been farming your little hearts out. This is not a bad thing. But you may find yourself struggling a bit in order to prepare to take on the Leviathan, which happens, and it's not a rare occurance within the franchise.

To get your Power Level up, you may want to take additional steps in order to assure yourself a 260+ light level. In order to begin, you will want to complete the mission "The Red War," which is part of the game's main story questline. Once completed, you will find a wide array of vendors available to you, each of them accepting their own reputation based currencies.

You wilL even notice a new task at hand when you open the game's "Director." If you hold L2/LT, you will notice that a new tab pops up called "Milestone Challenges." From here you will notice that each of them have unique feats for you to undertake. Some will require you to complete Patrol missions, some will have you compete in Crucible matches, and others will have you trying to complete Challenges on each of the worlds. Once completed, you will notice that the Milestone will give you something new: "Powerful Gear."

Unlike vendor gear, these Milestone pieces do not cap out at 265-269, though some will cap out at 275 (Commander Zavala, Hawthorne, and Cayde-6). In order to help break the game's current Power Level cap, you will want to do these Milestones as they will drop gear that exceeds the cap at the Tower or the Farm.

[Credits: Bungie]
[Credits: Bungie]

If I Don't Want To Do Milestones, What Else Can Be Done?

If you grow tired of doing Milestones, the game offers a few other ways for you to gear up, but just know that doing these alternatives may take a bit more time. I personally have hit the 279 brick-wall and am having to do Milestones and Exotic quests in order to continue shooting my Power Level to the current cap.

The best alternative you have outside of Milestones is Exotic Quests, adding Legendary Mods to your gear, and even undertaking Public Events. If you do decide to go down the Exotic Quests route, just remember, the best time to do them is when you hit Power Level 260 or higher. This will cause your Exotic Weapons to exceed Power Level 280 and up.

These weapons can be infused to your current weaponry if you prefer to keep your setup. If you do infuse them, just remember, you can obtain them from your vault at any time using Legendary Dust.

[Credits: Bungie]
[Credits: Bungie]

What About Those Legendary Mods?

Glad you asked. Legendary Mods do something a bit unique and it's actually quite enjoyable to see that Bungie went one step further in providing us a new mechanic to explore. Legendary mods, unlike their rare counterparts, actually power up your gear, giving you a bit of a Power Level boost. While these sound easy to obtain, they aren't.

You'll need to break down some of your blue Mod Components, which can then be reprurposed as new mods. Just take note that Banshee does require you to have duplicates of the mod you wish to make Legendary as well as Mod Components.

Just remember, when you do insert Legendary Mods into your gear, make sure they are ones that will benefit the current subclass that you play. You don't want to cut yourself short and have to go through the process again.

[Credits: Bungie]
[Credits: Bungie]

The Last Tip Is One You'll Hear a Lot: Create a Second Character Of The Same Class

You'll hear this one a lot. If you are trying to prepare for the raid, it may be best to create a second character of the same class. Doing this will allow you dual chances to obtain the gear you need through Nightfalls, Crucible matches, and even Milestones.

Gearing up both characters can provide a well deserved chance to find the gear you are after. But this course of action does cut you short on being able to have one of each class. If that's fine with you, you can even consider making three characters of one class, using each of them to obtain the gear you need, and even making sets of gear allowing you to optimize each subclass's capabilities in combat.

Lastly, When Can I Take On The Leviathan Raid?

The Leviathan Destiny 2 raid unlocks on September 13, at 10am PST, 12pm CST, and 1pm EST. If you are wanting to be one of the first to clear the raid, it may be advisable to note that the raid may have lag and or latency issues due to the demand of players jumping in. If you do manage to clear it, let us know in the comments, and if you have any tips and tricks to share, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

As always Guardian, enjoy, and be safe.


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