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So far there seems to be few problems with since its launch on Wednesday. However, the community isn't exactly pleased with the new shader system that is currently in place. If you played Destiny, you are quite familiar with the fact you could collect a single shader, and those shaders were unlimited in how many uses it had, altering the entire appearance of your equipped armor pieces. However, that has also changed since the launch of Destiny 2, which saw shaders become consumables, and now forces players to continually re-earn those shaders (or y'know, force you to buy them with real money).

If you earned a new piece of armor, you might as well prepare to either farm the living Hell out of reputation pieces to turn in at an NPC, or throw down a few dollars and buy some of the game's real money currency called Silver. So what's all the fuss about obtaining shaders over-and-over-and-over again? Players don't want to grind it out and if they have limited time, earning the reputation needed, or the bright engrams required is quite the hassle.

Bungie's Luke Smith Responds to the Destiny 2 Shader Criticism

So how has Bungie responded to the criticism from players? Much like you would expect. You can check out the official response down below:

Unfortunately, the responses the Luke Smith has received aren't exactly the best there are, and resonates throughout quite a bit of the community at the moment.

While Phil certainly seems to be one of the few responding to Smith at the moment, it is a problem, and one that has been openly discussed among my own group of players. It's a problem that shouldn't exist. It's a problem that will become a hassle once players begin obtaining the gear they want from raids and strikes. For now, however, it seems that no changes will be made by Bungie.

What Will Bungie do to Fix the Current Shader Problem in Destiny 2? Nothing Right Now

[Credits: Bungie]
[Credits: Bungie]

If we're expecting a quick fix for this issue, it's probably not going to happen. Bungie seems pretty set on the fact that players will need to focus on working on repeating Adventures and Patrols. While this isn't a problem at the moment, it can become a much larger issue, and something that Bungie will have to adjust in order to appease their community's concerns and frustrations.

Meanwhile, it isn't seemingly harder to obtain reputation items through public events, adventures, and hidden collectibles throughout each world's map. Since this can be done, it seems that is what we will be stuck doing for quite some time, and something Bungie seems set on having Destiny 2 players committing to if they prefer not to spend real money for in-game consumables.

What's your thoughts on the new Destiny 2 shader system? Do you find it problematic or are you okay with the changes?


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