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Destiny's second annual Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, is upon us and it brings an exciting thematic broomstick in the form of a Broom Sparrow.

It's Actually Incredibly Easy to Get the Broom Sparrow Mount

  • Just wander into the main Tower, where you'll notice your little buddy Sweeper Bot is missing his broom.
  • Go a little further into the underground area and the bar, past the emote kiosk, and you'll find a Lost Broom tucked away on top of some cargo.
  • Then, just loot the broom – and there you have it: your own fancy Firebolt.

One caveat to this though, the mount only lasts as long as the event is going on, so use it while you can. Go catch a flying Snitch!

The Secret of That Tiny Box of Raisins

Last year's event also introduced a Tiny Box of Raisins, which left players scratching their heads as to its use. Well, someone finally figured it out. It leads into an 8-step quest, which eventually rewards you with the highly sought after Superblack Shader.

If you hoarded your Raisins from last year, they will actually turn into Ascendant Raisins and allow you to skip the first step of the quest.

You also get one other thing from this questline:

A Piece of Celery.

Based on the trend, expect Ascendant Celery next year, perhaps with Destiny 2.

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