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Thank you for pulling yourself away from Destiny 2 for five minutes. I know it's hard, I too am missing out on my evening of Strikes and general clan tomfoolery. By now you would have noticed that the voices of the characters Bungie has woven together throughout the game sound more than familiar. has employed a who's who of big screen actors to accompany you on your quest for loot and shiny digital things. In fact, the cast is so well chosen and influential it begs the question: When will we see Destiny: The Motion Picture?

The Cast Are Already Chosen

[Credit: Bungie]
[Credit: Bungie]

If there is one thing we all can agree on after playing the original Destiny, if there is money to be made Bungie will be all over it. It's an inevitable piece of the forming Destiny puzzle to include a cinematic adaptation. Come on, it makes sense. Look at the long list of gaming screen adaptations such as: Halo, Assassins Creed, Doom, Tomb Raider - actually overall, that list kind of sucks. Alright, yes the transition to feature films has not always been the right thing to do.

What's different with Destiny is that the careful planning of the digital cast feels a little too perfect for the impending crossover down the line. If you don't believe me, let's rattle a few off to change your mind.

  • Commander Zavala is The Wire's Lance Reddick.
  • Cayde-6 and Ikora Rey are Serenity / Firefly legends Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres
  • The Speaker is none other than Bill Nighy
  • Lord Shaxx is the stick spinning zombie killer Lennie James

Impressive, right? Whoever said that video games are a waste of time? To be considered as one of the key characters in any successful modern gaming franchise requires a good amount of notoriety. Once they make make the cut, their careers (and bank accounts) are transformed through the extended opportunities of interactive role playing. Yeah, role playing, that's right.

So What Could We Expect To See?

With Nathan Fillion in the mix the story feels like the beginning of a larger than life Serenity meets The Guardians of the Galaxy monster mash of action and humour. Knowing the game, it's easy to imagine a ridiculous assembly of likeable Guardians on a quest to beat the bad guy by uniting into an unstoppable fireteam. Like all things Destiny, the narrative would have to culminate into a Raid style scenario of complexity and mayhem.

Destiny players all share a unique fellowship earned from countless hours of gameplay. As players of the game, seeing those familiar voices take shape, fighting it out in the cinema before us in an adventure we are all too acquainted with would be a cherished experience.

Now We Wait & See

As the plot thickens with the upcoming DLC scheduled for Destiny 2 and the predicted ten year life cycle of the game, when would the best time to slip in a feature film? Going off the vast number of improvements we have seen in the sequel, interest will reach a crescendo following this latest offering by Bungie.

As people are drawn in by its success the awareness could easily be converted into a new money train of bums on seats in movie theaters. Going off a three year life-cycle of Destiny 2, a cheeky movie towards the end makes sense to prep everyone for the impending next wave of Destiny 3 marketing that would be sure to be in the pipeline. The scary thing is, if the movie did come to fruition, Destiny fans could exit the theater and rush home to smash out a well worn Raid to continue the experience.

Can you see a cinematic experience in Destiny's future? Sound off in the comments below.


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