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You don't get many better examples that fans want more of the same than Ninja Theory's DmC: Devil May Cry reboot. The uproar was deafening, an outpouring of anguish from those who felt cheated by the numerous changes made to their beloved franchise.

Some were put off by Dante's new look, others felt in the attempt to make the combat more accessible it was oversimplified, some disliked the tonal changes and a fair few people hated absolutely everything. Though regardless of how you felt about it—I kind of enjoyed it— fans might have something to be excited about if they've read the latest tweet from Hideaki Itsuno.

'Devil May Cry' Director Will Announce A New Game In 2017, Will It Be 'Devil May Cry 5'?

Hideaki Itsuno took over directing the franchise from DMC2 to DMC4 - [Capcom]
Hideaki Itsuno took over directing the franchise from DMC2 to DMC4 - [Capcom]

Hideaki Itsuno is a game developer who's worked for Capcom for most his life, most prominently known for his role as the Director on the Devil May Cry franchise, succeeding Hideki Kamiya—who's currently working on the excellent Nier Automata—for Devil May Cry 2 until Devil May Cry 4.

Itsuno may have struggled initially—Devil May Cry 2 is plagued with a number of issues that make it the awkward middle child in the franchise—but came into his own with Devil May Cry 3, which marred the series's camp humor with some of the best combat around, and now he's working on something new.

Now hold up, before you scream the words "Devil May Cry" super loudly...

Hold on give me one minute guys.

Now if you'd listen for just one second! There's no guarantee Itsuno will be working on a new Devil May Cry. With his storied career in development, he's worked on a number of titles, and his most recent release is considered a "core title" in Capcom's business.

That would be Dragon's Dogma, an action-RPG that's a mix between Devil May Cry, Dark Souls and Monster Hunter. It's tough to highlight what makes it such an epic experience, but being able to leap onto monsters and find their weak points is certainly a nice change of pace from hitting a dragon in the ankles.

If that wasn't enough to put a damper on Dante's spirits, Itsuno has a number of other games he'd love to work on. During an interview with the Japanese Play Community, he stated that he has a story and setting for a Dragon's Dogma sequel and that fans expect it to come to PlayStation 4.

That's not all though, he says he wanted to make a miniature garden simulator—no, I'm not kidding—and sequels to both Rival School and of course, Devil May Cry. Itsuno doesn't want to work on only sequels either, he's eager to create a fighting game that innovates in the genre like Street Fighter 2 did.

Inside of me there are a lot of things I want to make, and because there are already concepts, there might be a chance! I have this feeling (laughs) - Hideaki Itsuno

There's a lot on this man's plate, but no doubt something we're eagerly looking forward to; whether it's a Devil May Cry 5, Dragon's Dogma 5 or something we've never heard of before—though not the gardening simulator, just don't.

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