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Of course, the most mysterious, ARG-heavy, Easter egg-centric hero in all of is giving us Easter eggs and hints about the next Overwatch heroes.

While the collective Overwatch player base went mad over Sombra's ARG, it looks like Sombra might actually only be the start. Within her origin story video (note: not Sombra's animated short) is a shot at the 1:20 minute mark that displays a web of information including a host of portraits of known, and potentially two unknown, Overwatch members.

The Moment in Question is Here:

In particular, we're looking at the top cluster of heroes to the right of Winston and Tracer's faces.

There's only one thing to do... ENHANCE.

Sadly, blowing up this image doesn't give us better resolution. (Damn you, crime movies.) But we can make out something interesting.

In one cluster, we Torbjörn, Reinhardt, and an unidentified woman - we'll get to her in a second. We also see a line drawn between Reinhardt and what appears to be some sort of Omnic or cybernetic individual.

All the other clusters of characters on this side of the screen, however, are Overwatch operatives.

Honestly, it's not much to go off of, but we do know that this mechanical face currently is not seen anywhere else in the Overwatch lore, pictures, or videos (at least, as far as I could find). So, at the moment, the hunt is on for clues.

The Key Is Somewhere In Reinhardt and Torbjörn's Past

Currently, the connection between Reinhardt and Torbjörn hasn't really been explored much, but this image indicates that the two share more of a past than we had originally thought. During matches in-game, we do know that the two have had an amicable relationship, and Torbjörn seems to have helped Reinhardt out as an armorer in the past.

Reinhardt: You always did take good care of my armor!

Torbjörn: Yeah, well, try to keep it in one piece this time.

The Woman Is Likely Brigitte, Reindhart's Mechanic/Assistant

The woman pictured next to Reindhart bears the greatest resemblance to Brigitte, a character we've only seen so far in Reindhart's comic Dragonslayer. The hair style is identical.

In the comic, she is a young woman who acts as Reindhart's mechanic and armorer. At one point, we do see Brigitte repair Reinhardt's armor with a hammer that looks suspiciously like Torbjörn's hammer.

Based on her age and her ability to care for Reindhart's armor like Torbjörn did, we could make a reasonable logic jump that Brigitte may have been Torbjörn's apprentice. That would be the most convenient explanation to connect the three, anyways.

Now, is Brigitte Going to be a Playable Character?

It's not out of the realm of possibility! While Brigitte is likely not an Overwatch operative (judging purely on how young she is), she could become initiated as a member in a future storyline.

She could be some sort of builder or support character, but I would bet she most likely jumps into a suit of armor at some point. One of Overwatch's core design principals is easy-to-recognize character silhouettes – so it would make the most sense for Brigitte to don some kind of outfit or suit to make her basic white girl silhouette more distinct.

Back to Sombra's origin video:

  • We do see many new robotic suits of armor
  • We see Brigitte, an armorer, teased

I've got a good feeling about seeing more of Brigitte in the future. I'd love to see her jump into a big-ol' suit!

Regardless, we don't have a full vision on Torbjörn and Reinhardt's past. As two of the oldest members of Overwatch, I'm sure they have plenty of past to intersect. I would bet that when we get their animated shorts, or additional lore drops for these two, we'll likely hear about Brigitte and an omnic that match the description of the two remaining faces on Sombra's wall.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas about Brigitte and the Omnic?


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