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For the first episode of The Walking Dead's Season 7, many of us sat on the edge of our seats with our jaws on the ground. Many of us watched those fateful moments when Negan lifted his bat and took his swings we knew were coming.

We all sat in shock thinking about how far the show went. Not the fact that the show itself portrayed a shocking moment, but how it was much like movies such as Hostel or Saw and became a gorefest that many were appalled by.

What about video games? There are moments in gaming that make Negan's fateful bat swinging look like nothing but a blip on the radar. So let's take a look at just how far games have gone to provide authentic, visceral horror.

This post will contain spoilers and potentially triggering NSFW topics.

6. Outlast - Necrophilia Moment

Courtesy of Red Barrel Studios
Courtesy of Red Barrel Studios

While wandering around a creepy insane asylum in , we're all pushed into the darkest places of our minds. We're always ones to wonder what, where, when, and how far the developers would go when they push us to our breaking points. That is something that Outlast eventually did towards the end of the game where players encountering two maniacs who just happened to be lumbering over a dead body and fulfilling their twisted sexual desires. To be honest, this isn't even the beginning of how disturbing Outlast could be.

For those who downloaded the DLC, the Whistleblower content pushes this even further into just how deranged these sexual twisted fantasies could be. For now, Outlast will sit in the last place on this list mostly because this scene was pure shock value and didn't serve a plot with any impact on the overall story.

5. F.E.A.R. 2 - Alma Hunts and Sexually Assaults Michael Becket

Courtesy of Sierra Entertainment formally Sierra Games
Courtesy of Sierra Entertainment formally Sierra Games

If you've played the F.E.A.R. games, you already know they are some of the most twisted games ever The series is centered around a psychic child named Alma. Throughout the series, Alma has grown darker, more evil, and is on the hunt to bring humanity to its knees. This series by Sierra Games ran a decent span of life in the time it had to keep fans interested, but unfortunately with the studio's closing we didn't get to see just how far this messed up series could go.

In their title F.E.A.R. 2, we are introduced to a new point man named Michael Becket whom has been introduced to Alma by tampering with his psychic abilities that linked him to her. Obsessed with Michael, Alma Wade has turned to hunting him down while her powers begin to wane. Late in the game, she sexually assaults Michael, and we later discover that Alma is pregnant with his child. So, yeah, that's a male protagonist getting raped in a video game.

4. Dead Space - Isaac Clarke' Self-Performed Eye Surgery

Courtesy of Visceral and EA
Courtesy of Visceral and EA

When it comes to the horror genre, Dead Space serves as one of the top AAA games in genre. With its overt nods towards Alien, the game is anything except a happy ride through space. While the set-piece space installation is falling apart due to the unearthed secrets of the ancient Markers, Isaac Clarke has been falling to pieces due to what is happening to him. In the game, Isaac must subject himself to a grotesque operation to build a Marker within his mind to combat the ominous Red Marker.

To perform this procedure, the player must carefully guide a huge surgical needle into Isaac's eye. If you mess up, the machinery brutalizes Isaac in the most grotesque body horror death sequence in gaming.

3. Grand Theft Auto V - Trevor's Torture Scene

We all have been there a few times. Torture scenes seem to be common place in movies and games that serve in a similar spirit to Grand Theft Auto V. However, there are times when this seems to go too far without truly serving any real purpose to the game. While GTA V's does serve some purpose, there were other ways to go around Trevor and the guys getting the information they needed. Y'know, that didn't involve the torture mechanics they used.

What made this sequence disturbing and over-the-top is the fact that the player is in the driver's seat of the torture. It's up to the player to choose what form of pain and mutilation they want to inflict, and choices actually included busting knee caps in and water boarding, or simply getting the job done by going the worst routes possible. For now, we can say this was just over the edge, completely unnecessary, and entirely disturbing.

2. Hatred - School Shooting Rampage

Courtesy of Destructive Greations
Courtesy of Destructive Greations

As fans of The Walking Dead already know, killing is nothing new in the series. We've seen The Governor take out a good portion of the world around him without remorse. We've even seen Negan go on a killing spree with his baseball bat and we've even seen the brutality behind Rick when Shane turned on him. However, we've never seen anything as brutal as Hatred's entirety.

The premise of this game? Kill everyone. Literally. Kill everyone.

Whether you are going on a murder spree in a mall or a killing spree near a school, nothing gets to go free, and you are taking them all out without hesitation. Not only does this game push the envelope on what gamers should be playing, it's also a game that just goes too far, and even makes gamers like myself cringing just a bit more than anything else. In a time where mass shootings make the news so often, this game seems particularly tasteless.

#1: Manhunt - A Sadist's Playground for the Entirety of Both Games

Courtesy of Rockstar Games
Courtesy of Rockstar Games

When we want to talk about games that pushed the envelope, Manhunt is the poster child. Manhunt had been the prime example of what is not appropriate in developing a game, and it isn't shy of this status. Throughout the game, you play as a serial killer who gets rewarded for creativity and cruelty.

Many players probably remember sticking their first crow-bar in a security guards skull before removing it. I wonder if Negan learned to use his baseball bat from that guy... For now, we can settle knowing that this game has gone too far, but at least we know where that limit is. So, there's that.

What gaming moments were too much for you? Let us know in the comments.


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