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There are two* types of gamers: those who have to collect everything before finishing missions and those who care about the primary objective only. If you're the former, then you may have noticed that the map of the Addermire Institute in Dishonored 2 features a basement, and that you couldn't actually find any way to get to that basement.

You may have also noticed that there's a rune beneath you if you're on the first floor and subsequently put two and two together. Then you may have gone a little insane trying to figure out how to get said rune. The "you" in this situation is me, and today actual-you gets to benefit from my insanity. If you're wondering just how to get to the basement in Dishonored 2's Addermire Institute level, look no further! We have you covered.

*There are actually a lot more than two types of gamers.

So How Do I Get There?

The key to getting into the basement of the Addermire Institute is, ironically, getting to the very top of the Addermire Institute. Up top, there is an attic-like area that's worth finding in its own right due to the fact that it — and the roof above it — also hold some must-have items.

To get to this area, you can either use Far Reach from the outside portions of the Institute to quickly jump from one level to the next, or you can take the much easier route and use Far Reach to jump through the hole in the top of the elevator. If you took the outside route, find the attic and call the elevator up to you; if you used the elevator route, look for the red button and press it — it'll take you straight to the attic.

This is the part where the above video comes into play. Once you're in the attic, you'll want to hop out and cut the cables holding the elevator up — yes, it's basically everyone's nightmare come true (thankfully, you're not in the elevator in this scenario). Doing so will send the elevator plunging downward and crashing through the boards that had previously blocked the basement. Simply make (or jump) your way back down and voila! You've found the basement.

Is There Anything Useful Down There?

If you're reading this, you're either the cartographic equivalent of an editor or you happened to notice that there's a rune your creepy Heart won't shut up about. Obviously, this is the main attraction behind the basement, but there are a few other items completionists will likely want to grab:

  • A beautiful Sokolov painting to hang in your ship cabin (read: sell for money).
  • Vera Moray's belongings and diary (a.k.a., lore goodies).
  • Coins and a few other knickknacks.

If you ask me, that's worth it. Sure, I'm biased because I'm writing this and if you're here reading it, it won't take you nearly as long to find the basement as it did for me, but still. Runes are especially useful in upgrading your powers, and lore is great for anyone who cares about the story and the world Dishonored 2 is creating.

Be Careful While Jumping — And Maybe Save Beforehand Just In Case

Oh, I should add: Quick save is your friend. When you get to the attic area, be sure to use it before you do anything stupid like jump several stories down an elevator shaft. Even if you have the Decelerate upgrade to Far Reach, you'll still take falling damage if you hit an object before actually using it. Not that I would know from experience.

Okay, I totally know from experience....Technically, multiple experiences.

Learn from my mistakes.

Are there any particular chapters in Dishonored 2 you've had trouble finding all the items on?


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