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Forums and threads about games on release days are typically the most hyperbolic and pessimistic places on the internet. Right now, a lot of people are complaining about Dishonored 2's PC optimization issues - so, I'm here to remind you that un-optimized simply does not mean unplayable! It bears saying.

Currently, many vocal users are experiencing frame rate dips, some stuttering, and some movement lag. I'm getting a bit of that, for sure, on my far-too-old computer that can only run the game on lowest settings.

But, even with my total crap-box PC, I can still play the game!

And Dishonored 2 is an absolute blast. Problems, which will likely be patched soon, are minimal even at the worst and I haven't had a single crash. If you are crashing (or are unable to play the game) we do have a quick troubleshooting guide to help you out.

Currently, Arkane Studios is aware of the optimization issues and (hopefully) we can expect a patch soon.

I'm Having Minimal Issues with a Truly God-Awful Computer.

Once or twice in my 6 hours of play, I have slightly lagged in movement and fallen to my death - but Dishonored 2 has a great checkpoint system that only ever sets you back a minute in your gameplay. It's nothing to really worry about, especially since it's barely even day-one of release.

What I will say this:

  • The world of Karnaca is as immense as it is beautiful.
  • Emily's new abilities are some of the most fun and most satisfying gameplay mechanics I've ever played.
  • The stealth and combat feel great, and I've never had more fun playing a non-lethal game.
  • Even if Dishonored 2 has some performance issues, they aren't game-breaking. It is super fun and well worth your time.

This is nowhere near Arkham Knight's performance issues, as many internet commentators might be worried about.

And if you're on console... well, everything seems totally fine. Even as a PC gamer, I find myself often jealous about how rare optimization issues seem to be on console. Maybe is finally the time to swap over?

Right now I'm just having the most fun with dropping on top of guards from above with non-lethal submissions. What abilities get you jazzed?


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