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Forget about Corvo and Emily, push Daud and Billie to the side, the real star duo of the Dishonored franchise was first introduced in Dishonored 2.

This musical duo is found performing songs throughout the missions you undertake in Karnaca, first appearing in the mission Edge of The World in the market at the dockyards where they perform "The Coup". It's a song about the deposed Empress Emily Kaldwin and the coup that had dethroned her, with hints here and there that the usurper Delilah Kaldwin might very well have used magical powers to enthrall Dunwall.

[Credit: Bethesda]
[Credit: Bethesda]

What makes them great? The simplicity of their melodies and lyrics and their haunting vocals and instruments ensure you'll be sure to stop what you're doing and have a listen.

Next, you'll meet them again in the dust district, located in the Howler Gang's hideout. If you want to hear them perform, you can't barge in and murder everyone because they will run, so enter stealthily and listen behind the bar, or from the balcony above. Here they perform "Silver and Dust," a beautiful tune about the silver mine workers in Karnaca and the horrific conditions in which they are forced to work under.

One of the things that makes them so intriguing is that Dishonored has never had anything like this duo before. Sure we've had civilians rattling on about whiskey and cigars, but never have we seen or heard a musician in the series.

[Credit: Bethesda]
[Credit: Bethesda]

Dunwall isn't the type of place to have troubadours, but in Karnaca these two singers are right at home, adding to the rich atmosphere of the location.

You will see them one final time during the Grand Palace mission, rucked away in a back alley performing a song called "Born in The Month of Darkness," the lyrics of which are speculated to be referring to The Outsider. They also provide the ending theme that runs over the credits of the game, titled "The Sands of Serkonos."

Listening to all three songs uninterrupted gives you the achievement "Songs of Serkonos," but remember, if you engage in combat around them they will flee mid-song.

Listen to "Silver and Dust" below:

Their performances were among my favorite things in Dishonored 2 and I can only hope that this duo will make a return in the upcoming expansion, Death of The Outsider.


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