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From local churches to entire countries, Pokemon GO has been banned in a number of strange and unexpected places. The workplace, perhaps, isn't one of them, though what's the point in bagging a job at the 'happiest place on earth' when you can't even pull out your phone in the presence of a legendary Pokemon?

We've heard that Niantic's mobile phenomenon has lost more than 10 million daily users since July, and now it can add Disney's cast members to the list.

Which is a shame because, according to Disney park-goers, the magical lands of Walt are hiding a whole host of rare 'mons up for grabs. But, alas, none for employees.

PoGo sign says no

Image credit: Kotaku
Image credit: Kotaku

Spotted at Disneyland California, this new staff sign reprimands cast members for playing Pokemon GO on shift and even pokes fun at them, taunting that they're only likely to catch a lowly Rattata anyway. Ouch, Disney. Haven't you heard that Rattatas now destroy Elite Four champions?

So if you see a Snow White flicking Pokeballs on duty, shout Pokemon NO! Or, you know, just let her have her fun.

[Source: Kotaku]


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