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With exciting reports circulating that Dissidia Final Fantasy producer Ichirou Hazama and director Takeo Kujiraok are "of course preparing" for a home console release, many fans of the fighting RPG are beyond excited at the prospect.

But fans need to remain patient, because according to Weekly Famitsu, the developers feel the console version of the game is not in a state that is ready for public reveal just yet. Also, like its PlayStation Portable predecessors, the game will feature a story mode, which is likely to delay the home console release. Fingers crossed for an 2017 reveal?

[Credit: Square Enix]
[Credit: Square Enix]

Here's the current roster for the games arcade version:

  • Final Fantasy I: Warrior of Light, Garland
  • Final Fantasy II: Firion
  • Final Fantasy III: Onion Knight
  • Final Fantasy IV: Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind
  • Final Fantasy V: Bartz Klauser
  • Final Fantasy VI: Terra Branford, Kefka Palazzo
  • Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Strife, Sephiroth
  • Final Fantasy VIII: Squall Leonhart
  • Final Fantasy IX: Zidane Tribal, Kuja
  • Final Fantasy X: Tidus
  • Final Fantasy XI: Shantotto
  • Final Fantasy XII: Vaan
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Y'shtola
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: Ramza Beoulve
  • Final Fantasy Type-0: Ace

Recently, Square Enix posted a survey (which you can find here) across several of its social media sites, asking participants to name one character they would like to see playable in a future game, and one location they would like to visit. Is this further proof that is on the way to the West? So here is a list of 10 characters it'd be amazing to see in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

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1. Noctis Lucis Caelum — Final Fantasy XV

[Credit: Square Enix & A-1 Pictures]
[Credit: Square Enix & A-1 Pictures]

Final Fantasy protagonists tend to make it into Dissidia, but is still unconfirmed. The crown prince of would be an awesome presence in the game and be a standout with his warp ability. His EX mode would likely be Armiger enabling him to fly and summon swords. How Noctis would use magic in this game, if at all, would be cool to see. Would he be able to prime his magic with a potential blast radius? And would there be friendly fire like in ?

2. Aranea Highwind — Final Fantasy XV

[Credit: Square Enix]
[Credit: Square Enix]

Emerging as a Final Fantasy XV favorite, Aranea should be a shoo-in for Dissidia and I bet I'm not the only one to request her as playable character in the survey.

Under traditional Final Fantasy job classes is a Dragoon. She fights with a spear and is a master of aerial combat, often using jump attacks, a Dragoon signature ability. As seen in FFXV, she's as strong as she is fast, making her a fierce and formidable opponent that any fan would love to play as. The challenge with adding her to the game is how the developers would make her differ from Final Fantasy IV's Kain Highwind, also a .

On a side note, if Cloud versus Squall was the dream battle made possible by the first Dissidia, Aranea versus Lightning is the continuation of that fan favorite skirmish. Make it happen, Square Enix!

3. Tifa Lockhart — Final Fantasy VII

[Credit: Square Enix]
[Credit: Square Enix]

already made her Dissidia debut in the sequel "Duodecim." She is an incredibly speedy character; a martial artist who is deadly at close range. Playing as Tifa, I felt like it I was directing fight scenes straight out of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. With this new game her character would be vastly different from her contemporaries as she doesn't rely on magic or a weapon, just her skill.

4. Rydia — Final Fantasy IV

[Credit: Square Enix]
[Credit: Square Enix]

We already had Yuna in "Duodecim," so how about the original Final Fantasy summoner?

The green-haired summoner from Final Fantasy IV can use top-tier Black Magic, and her weapon of choice was up to players, seeing as she was able to vary her play style with a staff, rod, or even a whip, the latter of which is unseen in Dissidia. However, what is most legendary about Rydia is her ability to summon Eidolons such as and .

5. Zack Fair — Final Fantasy VII

[Credit: Square Enix]
[Credit: Square Enix]

I don't think I've ever had a conversation with people about Dissidia without hearing, "I wish they would add Zack." The Crisis Core protagonist is much deserving of more attention from Square Enix.

What made the original Dissidia games' rosters so great was how every character played so differently. My fear is the developers won't put in the game because they would envision him as not much more than a reskin of Cloud. Zack could be made very different from Cloud for one feature alone: the Digital Mind Wave. In Crisis Core, the DMW is a system that is based on hidden values that at seemingly random points in battle would appear, allowing Zack to use special moves. Long story short, base Zack's move set off the abilities found in the DMW and you have a character that is not just a simple clone of Cloud.

6. Prompto Argentum — Final Fantasy XV

[Credit: Square Enix]
[Credit: Square Enix]

Yet another from the newest game in the series. would make a fun addition to the game with his focus on guns along with use of machinery-type weapons making him a highly unique ranged fighter with no reliance on magic.

If not for his gameplay, then perhaps for his personality. Prompto is just a fun character who often breaks the fourth wall, which would be a joy in Dissidia, a Final Fantasy game with a not so serious story (seriously, the previous games' plots were just borderline fan fiction at times). Prompto, a character who likes to joke about being a video game, would make Dissidia's story mode all the more enjoyable, especially if he tries to stop the fighting to take some pics.

7. Balthier — Final Fantasy XII

[Credit: Square Enix]
[Credit: Square Enix]

Everyone's favorite leading man. was being considered for the original Dissidia to represent Final Fantasy XII but lost out in favor of Gabranth (really?!). Here's hoping he makes it to the home console release.

In Final Fantasy XII characters did not have specified job types, which is why in "Duodecim" Vaan fights using multiple weapons. How Balthier fights would likely be a combination of guns and magic. Guns would be his likely weapon of choice as in most promotional artwork of Balthier he is shown holding arms, and in the sequel Revenant Wings, the only weapons he can equip are guns. As for magic? Well if Prompto was added, there's a chance he wouldn't be using magic, so giving Balthier that ability would help keep fighters varied.

8. Machina Kunagiri — Final Fantasy Type-0

[Credit: Square Enix]
[Credit: Square Enix]

Dissidia already has Ace, but honestly, any of Type-0's playable characters would be a worthy addition to the game. My pick is Machina for two reasons: His weapons, which are twin rapiers with drills instead of blades, and the fact he becomes a full l'Cie, complete with armor.

9. Agrias Oaks — Final Fantasy Tactics

[Artwork by Akihiko Yoshida]
[Artwork by Akihiko Yoshida]

It was surprising to hear the news that would be a fully playable character in the new Dissidia, solidifying Square Enix's intent to broaden the roster of the Final Fantasy fighting game. Adding Agrias would do just that. Her job class would be completely new to the series as she is a Holy Knight. In Tactics, the Holy Knight is a job class that can use powerful abilities to inflict status ailments on enemies. Each of these attacks are cast directly from the users Holy Sword with no charging time — in other words, Agrias would be one of the most powerful magic characters as her attacks would be instantaneous, deal plenty of damage, and inflict negative effects on enemies. With this new Dissidia focusing on three-on-three combat, you'd want a character as powerful as this on your side.

10. Nyx Ulric — Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

[Credit: Square Enix]
[Credit: Square Enix]

The protagonist of Final Fantasy XV film , Nyx would be an unexpected but most welcome character to make an appearance, especially since the chances of him appearing as a playable character in any other game outside of XV's future multiplayer is next to none. I can see it now: His potential EX mode "Ring of the Lucii" grants him the same abilities as in the movie, making him crazy strong in battle. Also gotta love that warp strike ability!

Bonus! Sora — Kingdom Hearts

[Credit: Square Enix & Disney]
[Credit: Square Enix & Disney]

Will it happen? Probably not. Would it be awesome? Hell, yeah! In a recent interview with Kingdom Hearts mastermind Tetsuya Nomura, he revealed that the Dissidia series was originally intended to be a fighting game with Kingdom Hearts characters, but Square Enix ultimately believed having characters fight one another wasn't the way to go. Thus Dissidia was made into the series we know it as today.

However, recently made his debut in World of Final Fantasy as a champion summon. Hopefully this will push Square Enix to add him into the game as he won't be fighting any Disney characters. Even if he isn't part of the main game when it releases, I could see the developers adding him to the game as a Kingdom Hearts III promotion. Who wouldn't want the Keyblade-wielding hero to join the fray?

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer for the Dissidia arcade game, and tell us which Final Fantasy characters you're hoping to see in the home console release of Dissidia.


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