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Developers often can't resist leaving secret, personal touches on their work, and we totally get that. Just imagine being the guy who actually placed the great pie-with-a-hat beneath the castle floor in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Must be a pretty great thing to show your grandchildren.

But there are so many great easter eggs in , it can be hard to keep track of them. Some of them are not just funny, but also kinda scary, and those are the ones we'll focus on in this list. These easter eggs are truly disturbing, revealed through hidden or distorted sound files in-game.

5 Easter Egg Soundbites That Will Creep You Out

Sound can be terrifying, as anyone who's ever played a Silent Hill game knows. In video games or movies, it's actually the audio that determines if your brain thinks something is scary. Just try turning the volume down when playing Resident Evil 7. Much of the effect is instantly lost.

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Even if you have played the following games, it's likely you wouldn't have heard all the horror they have to offer. These hidden easter egg audio files are sure to send a chill running down your spine.

1. Half-Life 2's Zombies Scream Backwards

The zombies in Half-Life 2 are creepy enough on their own, as their faces have visibly been gnawed off by a creature out of a Ridley Scott movie. On top of that, they produce a soul-shaking scream when you encounter them, which automatically triggers the fight-or-flight reaction in your reptilian brain.

Things get a lot worse in the scary department if you chose to play the zombie-screams backwards though. Then you'll hear what seems to be continuous, desperate cries for help as the zombies yell out stuff like "OH GOD NO, HELP ME!" Time to shoot them in the face.

This is what a man scared of having his face eaten sounds like:

2. WoW's Children of Goldshire Will Kill You

Get me the hell out of Elwynn Forest.
Get me the hell out of Elwynn Forest.

In World of Warcraft there's a very peaceful forest called the Elwynn Forest, which is the starter area for all Human players. It's green, lush and mostly inhabited by low-level Kobolds and Gnolls.

Though there's one phenomenon that completely ruins this serene place and that's the Children of Goldshire. If you know about this diabolical gang of devil-worshiping kids, you'll never feel safe in Elwynn Forest again. Just stay away from them, you hear me?

When you follow the six children, who roam the area in a pentagram shaped formation, you'll inevitably end up in the Goldshire Inn where the kids will commune with a dark god, standing still for hours. At one point, if you stay there as well, you'll get in contact with the menacing god as well, triggering the audio message below:

3. BioShock Infinite's Seductress Whispers Shakespeare In Your Ear

There's a lot of wicked stuff going on in Bioshock Infinite but this particular easter egg reveals the true intentions of a lady who gives you a love potion, and it's really disturbing. The whispered voices heard when your character loses consciousness recites Romeo and Juliet, saying: "And when I shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars".

It's not something you'd take note of during a regular playthrough, unless you're really well-versed in Shakespeare, but knowing what's actually whispered in the scene makes it really uncomfortable.

Cut him out in little starts? What the hell William:

4. Listen To The Rat Man's Ramblings In Portal 2

For the most part the Portal games are pretty harmless, but there is some weird secrets floating around Portal 2 and some of them are downright creepy. The most disturbing one is definitely the easter egg found in an abandoned room off to the side of one of the test chambers.

First off, the walls of the room are covered in near-undecipherable graffiti and what seems like nonsense writing that tells you "the cake is a lie". You get the feeling that the room has been inhabited by an insane person and that theory is confirmed if you stand close enough to the dirty walls.

You'll hear disturbing chanting which originates from the room's previous owner, Doctor Doug Rattmann, the only survivor of GLaDOS' neurotoxin attack prior to the events of the first game, who is now mad and trapped inside the walls of the place. In the clip below we can hear him ramble about how "it's dead" and say "she hated me" over and over.

Press play for a sound piece of the Rat Man's ramblings:

5. The Devil Reveals Itself In Sonic CD

A Sonic the Hedgehog game isn't the first place you'd look to find satanic propaganda, but on the other hand it's hard to tell what game developers are doing in their spare time.

The Sonic CD game from 1993 is a testament to that. In this game, you could access a secret sound test screen if you pressed the right combination of keys in the game's title menu. And if you select the proper combination of stuff in that sound test, the above spooky screen pops up with some Japanese text and fiendish music starts playing.

The text reads: "Fun is infinite with Sega Enterprises. -Majin". Majin means devil in Japanese, so it's like a tiny, secret message from the big bad himself, telling us he likes Sega. Or it could be a message from one of the game's developers who was called Madin, but occasionally changed it into Majin for the lulz.

  • Game: Sonic the Hedgehog CD
  • Rating: 2 out of 5 shat pants

Music can only be this bad if it was made in hell:

Do you know of any creepy easter eggs? Let us know in the comments!


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