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[Update 24th November 2016] It's legit, everyone! On a post pinned to the walls of their home site, Niantic have officially announced the arrival of Ditto. Yes we may have known already, but it's still nice isn't it?

[Original Story] may have just made worth picking up again, especially if you're a trainer jaded from having a thousand Rattatas and Porygon at your disposal. After plenty of speculation and leaks Pokemon GO's latest update has finally brought Ditto, the purple, shapeshifting little globule of goo, into the tall grass of monster catching. Amongst other sweet additions too.

You Can Now Catch Ditto In Pokemon GO

Trainers began to discover Ditto in the wild after commonly encountered Pokemon started revealing themselves after being caught. They would literally transform after being sucked into a poke-ball! Naturally, trainers' took to social media to air their excitement.

The latest update rollout for Pokemon GO is seen as quite the pivotal one, due to gamers' grievances over the sheer amount of basic 'mons that would hound your session. All the Pidgeys, all the Zubats and all the Rattatas. It did get rather tedious after a while.

But with Ditto's sneaky transformation, you never know whether you'll be catching a basic 'mon, or the super placid and super-malleable, gelatinous cutey. This adds a whole new level to the game.

Also, Pokemon GO's latest update has brought back the Nearby feature, which allows you to actively stalk Pokemon as opposed to simply hoping one will spring up in your vicinity. Something that really shouldn't have been removed in the first place.

Nearby feature  [Zam]
Nearby feature [Zam]

And after Pokemon GO's great Halloween event, Niantic have lovingly offered us double XP and double Stardust for the entirety of Thanksgiving. A great way to burn off all of the roasted meats and vegetables ingested over the holiday!

So just as the weather begins to take a turn for the worst, looks like there's no better reason to get out into the cold and get GO-ing!

Don't you think? Are you still Pokemon GO-ing?

How lit do you think Khaleesi's Pokemon GO game is? Peep the video below to find out!


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