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Doctor Who, which started back in 1963, has become so popular across the world that fans of the sci-fi show just can't get enough of it.

Peter Capaldi is set to depart at the end of this year and is to hand the TARDIS key to the show's first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. However, it appears the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor won't be gone for good.

Capaldi's version of the Time Lord will be making a return in 2018, but in a video game.

Prepare Yourselves For Something Amazing!

'Doctor Who: Infinity' [Credit: Tiny Rebel Games]
'Doctor Who: Infinity' [Credit: Tiny Rebel Games]

The company, Tiny Rebel Games, are well-known for the other widely popular Doctor Who game, Doctor Who: Legacy. Now they have revealed they are working on an even better game which should get fans of the BBC excited.

The new video game, Doctor Who: Infinity, is set to launch in the Spring next year and will include five original stories. The stories have been written by a "team of major British Doctor Who writers," as well as internationally renowned UK-based comic book artists who will be helping to illustrate the stories.

The Pesky Daleks Return Once Again

'Doctor Who: Infinity' [Credit: Tiny Rebel Games]
'Doctor Who: Infinity' [Credit: Tiny Rebel Games]

The first story for Doctor Who: Infinity is titled 'The Dalek Invasion' and is written by George Mann, who is a popular Doctor Who author. The artwork for this story is all done by the artist Mike Collins. In the past, Collins has worked with the Doctor Who team in past by doing the storyboards for the gripping Seasons 9 and 10.

The Executive Producer for Tiny Rebel Games Susan Cummings said:

“I think Doctor Who fans everywhere are going to be amazed with how we have taken everything we have learned from making the award-winning gameplay of Doctor Who: Legacy and brought it to the next level in every way imaginable.”

The first story of Doctor Who: Infinity will see the return of the Twelfth Doctor, who will be joined by the female incarnation of the Master, who is also known as Missy. The fan-favorite character Missy was played by Michelle Gomez, who was then tragically killed off in the Season 10 finale. But thankfully Missy is back as she will battle the Daleks with the Doctor. They make a great team, right?

Final Thoughts

With the success of Doctor Who triggering thrilling audio stories, and now video games, it's been made clear that there's a lot more tales to be told in the wonderful world of Doctor Who, even if it isn't through a new television season.

Doctor Who: Infinity is set for launch sometime in the Spring with a date yet to be confirmed.

Are you excited to see that Doctor Who is expanding even more with video games? Sound off in the comments!



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